Finally concert season has started and I just love it! Theres just nothing I love more than going to see some of my favourite Artists perform. Last Wednesday I attended my first Concert of the Summer and went to see The Vamps with my best friend and decided to take a few quick snaps of what I was wearing to show you. (In reality, I did not have time to take outfit posts on the actual day so these were taken the day after when I looked a mess and was not putting any makeup on, but thats okay right!?)

My striped crop top is from Primark only recently, the fabric is so soft and it's a nice material that doesn't cling to you. I adore the floral crochet detailing at the bottom and that was mainly the reason I picked it up. I'm pretty sure it was only €8 or €9 so a complete little bargain and like I said it was only recently so it's more than likely still in stock.

My Baby Pink Maxi Skirt is from New Look last year and this was only my first time wearing it. It is floor length and very light and a little see through if you're standing in bright light. However its nice and light for the warm weather (we were blessed with gorgeous weather on the day). The waist band is elasticated all the way around except for at the front where it just has a little panel, which I think is a nice finish especially for when you tuck a top into the front part so it doesn't look messy and has a nice finish. This was €17.99 (and I can say that price is 100% accurate because I had to pull the tag off it)

I had also brought along a Distressed Cropped Denim Jacket for when we came out of the concert incase it was cold and I liked the fact that you could still see the crochet detailing from the top under the jacket. Again this was old and I probably got it about 2 year ago also from Primark for about €10 - €15.

For accessories I just wore my Rose Gold Fossil Watch along with a little delicate Gold Chain I had picked up from Primark for €2 and then I did wear Wristbands as well. The ones pictured above are the ones I bought at the concert but on the actual day I had worn others and then added these in. I love these kind of wristbands though because they look like festival ones!

For my shoes I just wore a pair of White Converse because I knew I would be standing and jumping/dancing about so I wanted to be comfortable. However if I was to wear this out say to go shopping I would more than likely pair my Rose Gold sandals from here with it!

What clothing items in your wardrobe are you loving right now?