Going through all the shower gels I seem to have collected in my wardrobe last week I decided to pull out the Lush Prince Charming shower gel that I hadn't really used that much.
Prince Charming is a shower gel that you can only get from the Valentines range at Lush and I'm not quite sure if there is another product with the same scent, but what made me pick it up was the name and Lush's cheeky 'Top Tips' at the side of the bottle always give me a good giggle!

"Made with Marshmallow root, Fair trade Vanilla and fresh Pomegranate juice, Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset"

The scent of this has me unsure I think I like it and then I don't, but then I kind of do and then I don't again. The only way I could describe the scent is if you've ever smelt 'Turkish Delight' (which is something I dislike and the only person I know who likes them is my Nana) It has a real strong scent which Lush describe as "sweet and floral yet zingy and refreshing". I think as always its up to the person themselves and their personal preferences when it comes to Lush scents.

One thing I will say is out of all the Lush shower gels I own this is the only one which the scent lingers. I swear when I use this I can still smell it off my skin the next day. It probably wouldn't be a scent I'd repurchase but I do like the fact that it is so strong that the scent lingers on the skin.

As always Lush's 'Top Tips' that does be located on the side of their products always makes me laugh and this one was no different with the caption "Some day your Prince will come...better make sure you're looking your best!" 

Have you tried the Lush Prince Charming shower gel?