Drugstore Lipsticks For Spring ♡

L-R Makeup Revolution in Cheer, Makeup Revolution Liphug in When You Came To Me, NYX Matte in Strawberry Daquiri, NYX Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp, W7 Butter Kiss in Pretty in Pink, Makeup Revolution in Nude, Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Picnic In The Park, Rimmel Kate Moss in 110, Maybelline Moisture Renew in 660.

Spring is upon us and it's time to start getting rid of the dark berry lips (which makes me sad as they are my favourite) and bring out the Pinks,Corals and Oranges (does anybody else love orange toned lipsticks because oh my goodness I am so excited to start wearing them again!) and of course some Nude lipsticks because I think they look great all year round. I've gathered 9 of my favourite lipsticks that I just know I will be wearing non stop throughout Summer and decided to share them with you!

Looking Back On When I Started Blogging ♡

A few months ago, to be exact Summer 2014 I decided to sign up to blogger and create my own blog. A space on the internet that was my own where I could write about whatever I pleased but mainly focussing on my love for all things Beauty!
Back then I had no idea what on earth I was doing, I was looking at my favourite blogs and hoping I would be able to make my blog look as good as theirs. I remember gazing at how gorgeous everybody's photography was and telling myself that one day my photos could look like that if I tried/worked hard enough.

Oh, How I've Missed Sweet Treats ♡

Yes I am actually going to be that sad and write about how I can finally eat sweets again *eats everything in sight*.

Every year for Lent (I started early this year, starting from the 15th of February, so I've done the 40 days, because there was events coming up involving cakes and celebrations and I wanted to be in on them so hence the early start) I give up Chocolate and Sweets meaning no cakes, chocolate, chocolate drinks, jellies, ice-cream, biscuits, ice-pops, milkshakes etc, basically anything classed as a treat. I've been doing this since I was back in sixth class in primary school (12) because chocolate and sweets are my biggest downfall and I will legit eat it all day everyday. So giving it up for Lent makes me feel...good? Well at least after all the cravings pass which normally is after the first 10 days. Although I noticed that on the calendar from our local Church it actually says Lent is over today and I'm not sure if it's correct because according to Google it's not over until the 2nd of April. I always thought Lent ended on Easter day, so I'm confused to be honest.

Soho Graffiti Sugar Box Eyeshadow Palette ♡

Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness. Out of every single beauty product there is to offer when I see an eyeshadow palette I just get so excited, especially when it has colours in it that I love to wear.

When I laid my eyes on the Soho Graffiti Sugar Box Palette* I instantly fell in love with the colour range it had. Consisting of 8 shades ranging from white to browns, pink and peach. Something I also really like about this palette is it includes a little mirror inside the packaging just the perfect width to see your eye makeup.

What's In My Handbag || Spring Edition ♡

Now that the seasons have changed and everything is getting brighter in colour I decided to do an updated version of what's in my bag! I also done an updated version of what's in my makeup bag if you want to have a nosey you can do so here. These are my favourite kind of posts because I am a nosey person so who doesn't love a snoop!

(apologies for the off lighting in this picture, I swear the sun was going behind the clouds and out of them just to annoy me)

The bag I'm using for Spring this year is a gorgeous nude pink coloured LYDC bag that I got probably about 2 Summers ago. I got this in a boutique I used to work at and hadn't used it that much and decided that it would be perfect for Spring. I adore the square shape of the bag and there's a lot of room in it meaning you can carry all that stuff you don't actually need around with you everyday!

Blackhead Killer Facemasks ♡

I'm all about facemasks, I adore everything about them and I love how relaxed and pampered I feel while I have one on. However when I pick up some facemasks I normally pick them up just to relax and never really expect them to do what they claim.

So when these Blackhead Killer* face masks came through my letter box I didn't have high hopes for them at all to be honest. However on a lazy day I really wanted a face mask that wouldn't make much of a mess and decided to put one of these to the test as they are peel off.

This mask is extremely black in colour, I don't think I've ever found one so dark in colour however that didn't put me off applying it all over my face. The product itself isn't extremely runny and has quite a thick consistency which I loved because I really don't enjoy runny facemasks as I feel like you have to balance them on your face. I applied this and waited till it dried so I could peel it off. On the back it's recommended to leave on for 10 minutes and then peel off, but to be honest I never leave masks on for the recommend time and always leave them on between 20 - 30 minutes. I left this on for about 25 minutes and then decided to peel it off.

Shopping My Stash || Eye Products ♡

After an hours twitter chat and lots of tweets talking about our favourite kind of posts it dawned on me that I haven't done a shop my stash post. I will admit I am a sucker when it comes to new makeup, they all stay at the front of my collection while others are just pushed back further and further and eventually I forget all about them! So while sorting out my makeup drawers and making them all tidy again (Is it just me but after a week of applying makeup, products are just everywhere) I decided to go through it all to see what I had forgotten about! 

Catrice Made To Stay Highlighter Pen I got this back when I turned 20 and since then have probably used it no more than ten times. Not because I don't like it, I do and the colour is absolutely stunning but because shortly after I got something new (which I think was Rose Quartz by Makeup Studio) this was pushed back and forgotten about. I have moved it forward as I do want to use it again because it's quick and easy and the colour is just so gorgeous .

Maybelline Colour Tattoo ♡

When it comes to cream eyeshadows I can admit that I'm still only remotely new as I've stuck with the same brand and only own a few colours. The last little spending spree I went on (you can find haul post here) I decided to treat myself to another Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade Metallic Pomegranate.

I will admit I didn't swatch it in the store and just looked at the colour inside the tub and to me it looks like the most gorgeous metallic purple with a hint of brown going through it, so when I finally did bring it home and swatched it I was a little confused. Don't get me wrong the colour swatched is stunning but I guess it's just because I was not expecting that colour that I was surprised.

A Case That Keeps Your iPhone/iPod Sparkling ♡

Okay so let's be honest, who keeps their iphone/ipod/ipad screen clean and finger mark free? I know I certainly don't! As you're constantly touching the screens there's a 99.9% chance that your screen is forever full of fingerprints and sometimes you'll end up wiping the screen on your cardigan or jeans to "clean it". (This isn't just me who does this right!?)

When this gorgeous Pink Leather NueVue Case* arrived through my letterbox I was a little too excited to give it a try and start using it! Let me tell you this phone cover is like no other, it is magical. Like I said previous, my apple devices are forever covered in finger marks and I rarely clean them properly. The Nuevue case takes all that worrying and hassle away. Inside the case it has a microfiber lining to clean the screen and eliminate 99.9% of any harmful bacteria that may be on the device. While also keeping any fingerprints and germs at bay with every slide it also keeps the lens on the device clean so you're always ready to take crystal clear photographs!

Covergirl Lash Perfection Mascara ♡

Tk Maxx is one of my favourite shops for finding Beauty gems in it and also their homeware section is my fave! While in the shop (before Mother's Day) I had told myself that I wasn't to buy anything as I didn't need any more products, but that all changed when I seen this Covergirl Mascara sitting on the shelf.

I'm obsessed with American beauty products. Not the obsessed kind of way that I love them and think they're amazing (because obviously I haven't tried them) but in the way that it's like 'Oh my goodness COVERGIRL! You can't get that here it's only in America I need to buy it now!' kind of obsessed. Covergirl is a brand that I have been dying to try ever since hearing about American beauty cosmetic brands, so when I seen this in Tk Maxx I couldn't just leave it there even though in reality I didn't need another mascara.

Nude Lip Combo ♡

I think everybody goes crazy for a good 'ol nude lip. Ever since Kylie Jenner stepped out rocking them the trend quickly exploded. I've picked up a few nude lipsticks since the trend started and will admit I adore the look. Recently I've been loving this duo!

Benefit The Porefessional ♡

Having a good base before applying my makeup is something I find crucial for my makeup, to help it look the best it can and to keep it lasting as long as possible. Benefit The Porefessional has become my holy grail primer and I honestly don't know what I done without it. I have tried numerous amounts of different primers and I always go back to this one as I just adore the product and it works amazingly!

The product itself is a really lightweight balm like texture that helps smooth out any lines on the face or visible pores helping to give you a nice smooth layer to apply your foundation on top of. Coming in at €34.00 for a full sized tube it is slightly on the pricey side but honestly I haven't found anything that compares to it.

Colab Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo ♡

So while in Superdrug I decided to pick up the new Colab Extreme Volume dry shampoo for 2 reasons. 1) I had forgotten to bring some dry shampoo with me while visiting my friend and I knew I would need some for second day hair and 2) I wanted to see was this one any better than the original formula. (I didn't get on with the original formula at all, if you want to read my thoughts about it you can do so here)

I picked up the original scent in London as it's the only one that personally I find nice. The first thing I did notice about this is the sheer invisible formula is not in this one, this made me think that it may be more like Batiste now and could work for me!

Let It Go ♡

I won't lie, I had all of last weeks blog posts wrote from the week before meaning I had them all scheduled and barely wrote any new posts and when I went to type one out I'd have to make myself do it resulting in me deleting everything I wrote due to it sounding like a robot had wrote it. I have been feeling slightly un-inspired lately which I think happens everyone every now and again and it's perfectly fine. I'm not bored of it at all, heck I adore blogging and hope to keep enjoying it for a very long time but feeling uninspired when it comes to posts seriously bugs me! 

Looking at some of my favourite blogs and even though you shouldn't I was wondering why my photography couldn't look like that and why I can't write like them and blah blah blah. I once read in a blog post by someone who I can't remember right this second, to not compare your beginning to somebody elses middle when it comes to blogging and it really stood out to me.

Born Pretty Lipgloss ♡

Who doesn't love a good liquid lipstick in their collection. Now that we're coming into Spring I'm saying goodbye to my favourite berry and dark purple lipsticks and starting to wear brighter more appropriate colours for the season.

When I received this Velvet Liquid Lipstick* I actually thought it was a lipgloss, so I was pretty surprised when I applied it to my lips and realised it was actually a liquid lipstick. I was even more surprised when it dried super fast revealing not only was it a liquid lipstick, but a matte liquid lipstick!

What I Bought My Mum For Mothers Day ♡

If you are a Mum and are currently reading this, Happy Mothers Day!
When it comes to blog posts on Sunday's I never really know what to post so I thought I'd share the few little gifts I picked up my Mum for Mothers Day and allow you all to have a little nosey. I didn't take a picture of how I had it all set up as I had taken these photos last week but I basically put them all into a little colourful wicker basket with some fake green grass on the bottom (the stuff that's out for Easter) just to keep everything balanced and noticeable.

Updated What's In My Makeup Bag ♡

One of my favourite posts to read is the contents of somebodys makeup bags or handbags or travel bags, basically anything that will allow me to be nosey into another persons life?! So with that in mind I thought, surely I can't be the only one who feels this way right...right? So I decided to do an updated version of what's in my everyday makeup bag. I did do this a while back and done a little series which included my everyday, going out and no makeup-makeup, makeup bags...how many times can I say makeup in a sentence? If you do want to find them posts and give them a read (warning: bad quality photos) you can do so here.

Looking back on what was in my makeup bag back then, surprisingly a good few items have changed.

Primer wise will always stay the same using my trusty Porefessional by Benefit. I'm currently using a travel sized one because my two full sized tubes have ran out sadly, so I will definitely have to pick up a new one as soon as I can.
Foundation I have been loving is all the way back to my holy grail foundation, the Rimmel Match Perfection which I use in shade 101 classic ivory. I just cannot seem to get on with any other foundations as I do with this one. I can feel this running out very soon and I do want to try out the Bourjois one so I might pick that one up to see do I like it as much.
Collection Lasting Perfection in shade 2 is always in my makeup bag, again it's another product that I will never not have with me. It's cheap and absolutely amazing at it's job. I would say definitely give this a try if you are in the market for a new concealer.
Rimmel Stay Matte powder is another item that I normally have close by. Again it does it's job well and is very affordable. I also like the fact that it comes in different shades however I'm not very adventurous and always stick with transparent.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palettes ♡

When Collection announced the release of the Eyes Uncovered palettes I was so excited because their Little Mix All About The Eyes palette is one of my most used palettes in my collection due to their great colours and amazing pigmented creamy shadows. My local Boots didn't get these in when they were released (and they still have yet to get them in, I have a really slow Boots when it comes to these releases) so when up the North visiting my friend I didn't hesitate to pick all three up while in Superdrug.

Just like the Little Mix palette the Eyes Uncovered range are in cardboard packaging and contain six shades that are so pigmented and creamy you will be in shock that it's so cheap! There are three different palettes in this range, it consists of 'nude', 'nude bronze' and 'nude grey' so there is definitely a palette to suit absolutely anyone and everyone.

An Update Through Instagram ♡

I've recently got back into Instagram and posting lots of pictures daily is starting to become a little addicting! A while ago I was debating between making an account just for my Blog and keeping my personal one for me, but because I was barely posting any photos on my personal account I de…

A Benefit Coralista Blush Dupe? ♡

Oh W7, how I do love you for your amazing dupes. It should come to no suprise seeing me mention how much I adore W7 products by now as I have featured them in quite a few posts! You can see my favourite products from the brand here. You can also find my dupe posts here & here (if you're a fan of Urban Decay and Benefit, definitely recommend you look at the dupe posts!).

When it comes to blushers I will admit, I own a few but rarely use them as I always pick up my Benefit Rockateur but I have been trying to try out new ones. Although at the moment I'm loving bronzed and highlighted skin so I'm not using any right now! But I did wear the W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher a few times and thought it looked very like another blush I owned! After going through them all I finally spotted Benefit Coralista and compared the two.

TuTu Colour My Brows ♡

I've never been one for Brow Mascaras because I just never was interested as I had been using brow powders for years and was happy with that. However when the TuTu Colour My Brows* came through my letterbox I was more than excited to give it a try!

When it comes to brow mascaras my number one problem was always the colours. As you can tell I have jet black hair and trying to get a brow colour inbetween black and dark brown that doesn't have a red undertone was always difficult, hence why I stuck to brow powders. Another thing I didn't quite like was how some of them made your brows feel rock hard, like solid and even though you couldn't actually feel it unless you touched it, it still bothered me!

So trying out this product I was slightly concerned, firstly I thought the colour was going to be way too light on me. I also was afraid of the application because the brush is a little bigger than I would have expected and I was basically waiting for myself to hate this product and not get on with it at all.

Makeup Starter Kit ♡

Lets be honest growing up and starting out with makeup was never a good look. I hold my hand up for having a dreadfully orange face and no eyebrows with crazy coloured eyeshadow. So I thought I'd put a little starter kit together for some of my younger readers however even if you're into makeup I'd recommend these products to try because they are all pretty good!

Starting with a base Rimmel Match Perfection is a foundation that I always go back to. It looks gorgeous on the skin and gives a nice dewy look. It lasts a good few hours and comes in a range of shades. (Check your colour, swatch them all on your arms if you have too because an orange face and white neck does not look good also blend it down your neck!)

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder for if you want to keep any shine away or you'd prefer a matte face. This powder does it's job and does it really well. It lasts forever and comes in about 3-4 shades. I usually use transparent as it doesn't give any extra coverage but if you would prefer that you could choose a shade that suits you.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas ♡

As Mothers Day is quickly approaching and miraculously I have all of my Mums gifts bought, I thought I'd put a little gift guide inspiration together for anyone who may be on the hunt for a few last minute pieces! I've focused more so on homeware type of products featuring two beauty products because I just feel like they're the perfect types of gifts. I've also tried to keep it on the inexpensive side.

Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic Metallic Cup And Saucer I don't know about your mum, but mine seems to religiously collect mugs. There is four people living in the house and we must have about 40 mugs and I don't understand why. This mug is definitely a showstopper with it's fancy little saucer and metallic look. Perfect for anyone who loves to collect mugs! 

Paul Costelloe Living Lady Vase Pretty vases are something everybody should have! This gorgeous vase comes in a small or large size for whichever you prefer. It's gorgeous design could fit in with any home decor. Perfect for presenting those mother day bouquets in.

Yankee Candle For Mum I have yet to meet someone who doesn't love burning candles around their house, especially Yankee Candles! This year they've brought out a special edition one just for Mothers Day but with the classic scent of 'Fresh Cut Roses' which is a classic favourite!

Multi Coloured & Shaped Photo Frame I adore Primarks homeware as you really can find great little picks. This photo frame could be such a great little pop of colour or even a feature on a wall. Fill it with some photos of memories and wrap it with a bow and it would look so cute.

Wooden House Storage Case There is just something really chic about white furniture. How perfect would this little piece look storing some of your mums favourite things!

Mixed Picture Frames by Carolyn Donnelly Can you tell I'm loving the whole mixed picture frames? This one is slightly more expensive than the other but it looks absolutely stunning. Giving off a rustic and vintage look you would think it costs more than it actually does! Again fill it with some memories and wrap it in a bow for a gorgeous gift.