I'm all about facemasks, I adore everything about them and I love how relaxed and pampered I feel while I have one on. However when I pick up some facemasks I normally pick them up just to relax and never really expect them to do what they claim.

So when these Blackhead Killer* face masks came through my letter box I didn't have high hopes for them at all to be honest. However on a lazy day I really wanted a face mask that wouldn't make much of a mess and decided to put one of these to the test as they are peel off.

This mask is extremely black in colour, I don't think I've ever found one so dark in colour however that didn't put me off applying it all over my face. The product itself isn't extremely runny and has quite a thick consistency which I loved because I really don't enjoy runny facemasks as I feel like you have to balance them on your face. I applied this and waited till it dried so I could peel it off. On the back it's recommended to leave on for 10 minutes and then peel off, but to be honest I never leave masks on for the recommend time and always leave them on between 20 - 30 minutes. I left this on for about 25 minutes and then decided to peel it off.

This mask states that it get's rid of blackheads and the only places I suffer is around my nose area and on the right side of my chin. Like I said I didn't expect much from these so wasn't expecting to see much or if any difference. Before applying the mask I did have a look at my skin to see how bad they were just too see would I notice anything. When I peeled it off (which is such fun or am I the only one who thinks that?) I rinsed my face and then decided to have a look to see did it make any difference to the blackheads. 

Oh my goodness is all I can say! After only using one of these masks and nothing before it of any kind that would help my skin/blackheads they've literally gone. Like poof! magic gone. Honestly I went around the house looking in every mirror with different lighting to make sure I wasn't going mad. The sides of my nose were covered in them (which is such a gross thing to say I know but it's true) and I swear there was only about 3/4 still lingering there. So the next day I decided to use one again and bam my face is currently blackhead-less! 

I have sensitive skin so some things can irritate it very easily but I have to say these didn't at all which I was so happy about. I am so unbelievably impressed with these masks and it really just shows that you can get facemasks that actually do what they claim! Also props because it contains all natural herbal ingredients and if you don't know already skincare with natural ingredients is my absolute favourite.

If you are interested in finding out more or purchasing these masks you can find them on the StyleLux website here. They come in a pack of five with each sachet containing 10ml of product, they will set you back £14.95 which works out at roughly £2.99 a mask which is a really good price for something that actually does what it claims to do! I would 100% recommend these to anyone who suffers with blackheads as they work a miracle!

Have you tried the StyleLux Blackhead Killer masks?