When Collection announced the release of the Eyes Uncovered palettes I was so excited because their Little Mix All About The Eyes palette is one of my most used palettes in my collection due to their great colours and amazing pigmented creamy shadows. My local Boots didn't get these in when they were released (and they still have yet to get them in, I have a really slow Boots when it comes to these releases) so when up the North visiting my friend I didn't hesitate to pick all three up while in Superdrug.

Just like the Little Mix palette the Eyes Uncovered range are in cardboard packaging and contain six shades that are so pigmented and creamy you will be in shock that it's so cheap! There are three different palettes in this range, it consists of 'nude', 'nude bronze' and 'nude grey' so there is definitely a palette to suit absolutely anyone and everyone.

The Nude palette is absolutely stunning. I have been reaching for this so much to do my everyday makeup. I have been using 'buttercream' all over my lid, 'chocolate milk' in my crease and then to darken it up a little 'espresso' in the outer v and it just gives such a lovely everyday eye look. 'White Chocolate' is definitely a great brow bone highlight as it's not too crazy of a white colour. There's not one colour in this palette that I wouldn't use and I think they are all great for during the day as they don't have much/if any shimmer in them . 

The nude bronze palette is a bit more shimmery consisting of the most gorgeous bronzy pinks, golds and browns I've ever owned. They're definitely the most creamiest colours out of all 3 palettes I'm not sure why maybe its all the shimmer but these are so buttery it's amazing. If you're going for that bronzed goddess eye makeup look this is the only palette you need in life as it has every colour you could possibly need, 

Finally the Nude Grey palette is definitely the one for the perfect going out smokey eye. Consisting of greys and a single black you will definitely achieve ultimate smokeyness! Under The Moon is such a beautiful colour especially for the inner corner of your eye. 

I'd recommend all three of these palettes to everybody, they are absolutely amazing quality, so pigmented and easily blended. For just €3.99 or even better again when they're 3 for 2. Definitely recommend going to your local Boots or Superdrug and swatching them to see for yourself just how gorgeous they are!

Have you tried any of the Eyes Uncovered palettes?