After an hours twitter chat and lots of tweets talking about our favourite kind of posts it dawned on me that I haven't done a shop my stash post. I will admit I am a sucker when it comes to new makeup, they all stay at the front of my collection while others are just pushed back further and further and eventually I forget all about them! So while sorting out my makeup drawers and making them all tidy again (Is it just me but after a week of applying makeup, products are just everywhere) I decided to go through it all to see what I had forgotten about! 

Catrice Made To Stay Highlighter Pen I got this back when I turned 20 and since then have probably used it no more than ten times. Not because I don't like it, I do and the colour is absolutely stunning but because shortly after I got something new (which I think was Rose Quartz by Makeup Studio) this was pushed back and forgotten about. I have moved it forward as I do want to use it again because it's quick and easy and the colour is just so gorgeous .

Barry M Limited Edition Starry Eyed Palette I picked this up when it was released due to the fact that I had only ever tried a Barry M lipstick. The colours are gorgeous ranging from matte browns to sparkly blues and purples to shimmery golds. It even has a gorgeous sparkly coral blush along with the eyeshadows. I probably used this once or twice since then. This was right at the back of all my palettes and there was obviously so much pressure on it that the mirror cracked (oops!). I would associate the colours more so with Winter but I will try to start using it again. The shadows and blush are very pigmented and I'm pretty sure it was less than €7!

 Sleek iDivine Original Palette I picked this up simply because I don't have a Sleek counter in my local Boots so when I seen this in my local Pharmacy I just bought it there and then. I have not used this once...I have swatched some of the colours but to be honest thats about it. Don't get me wrong the colours in it is absolutely gorgeous and the quality is amazing but they're so shimmery, like every single shade. I do wear shimmery colours but I don't know why I just never pick up this palette. The colours are perfect for Spring as they're nice and bright so I have moved it to the front in hopes that I'll start using it.

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara This used to be my holy grail mascara, so much so that when I found it at the bottom of my drawer I said 'oh my goodness' because I had literally forgot all about it. I adore what this does for my lashes, it literally makes them look three times longer than they actually are and I really liked the formula. This has however dried out so I'm not going to bother using it and will just re-purchase a new one the next time I'm in Boots.

Have you shopped your stash recently?