Yes I am actually going to be that sad and write about how I can finally eat sweets again *eats everything in sight*.

Every year for Lent (I started early this year, starting from the 15th of February, so I've done the 40 days, because there was events coming up involving cakes and celebrations and I wanted to be in on them so hence the early start) I give up Chocolate and Sweets meaning no cakes, chocolate, chocolate drinks, jellies, ice-cream, biscuits, ice-pops, milkshakes etc, basically anything classed as a treat. I've been doing this since I was back in sixth class in primary school (12) because chocolate and sweets are my biggest downfall and I will legit eat it all day everyday. So giving it up for Lent makes me feel...good? Well at least after all the cravings pass which normally is after the first 10 days. Although I noticed that on the calendar from our local Church it actually says Lent is over today and I'm not sure if it's correct because according to Google it's not over until the 2nd of April. I always thought Lent ended on Easter day, so I'm confused to be honest.

For some reason I am the only person in my house that gives up anything for Lent and because my family know I'm going off all sweets instead of being nice and not buying any for that time period THEY BUY IT ALL, literally anything considered a sweet you can guarantee it's in my house during lent just because I can't eat it! You can also bet yourself that from this day on there will be a huge lack of treats bought. Hashtag hard life (Sorry I had too!)

As I sit here eating Cadbury's chocolate snow bites (yes they are from Christmas but I didn't get to eat them and yes they are in date) and try my first piece of Red Velvet cake I would just like to say I hope you have a good day and if you also gave up something for Lent (if it's actually over today) enjoy it being back in your life! (Wow I'm awful dramatic over this) *sips Oreo Milkshake*

I'm off to the Tayto park today with my best friend and some of her relatives so while you're reading this I'm probably strolling around the park or playing on some swings :) 

Did you give up anything for Lent?