A few months ago, to be exact Summer 2014 I decided to sign up to blogger and create my own blog. A space on the internet that was my own where I could write about whatever I pleased but mainly focussing on my love for all things Beauty!
Back then I had no idea what on earth I was doing, I was looking at my favourite blogs and hoping I would be able to make my blog look as good as theirs. I remember gazing at how gorgeous everybody's photography was and telling myself that one day my photos could look like that if I tried/worked hard enough.

I decided to look back on my photography from over the months to compare all of it to see how much I have improved so far! Going back to my first post with photos actually hurt me, the photos are so blurry and dark and oh my goodness it was as if I had never heard of natural light. (However this is true, I wasn't exactly aware of anything when it came to working a camera and working it properly) When I first started I was using my old iPhone 5 then moved on to my little digital camera before finally using what I still use to this day my Canon 400D. However still to this day I'm learning how to use it but from the look of my photos now and back a few months ago when I had just started using it you can see a big difference.

What made me look back on my old photography was that I wasn't feeling very inspired and I wasn't exactly loving my photography. So when I looked back at old photos and one's from now it made me smile as it did show how much I have improved (and of course there is always room for more improvement!).

If you are feeling un-inspired I'd definitely recommend looking back on your photography especially and seeing how much it's changed for you! A while back I also shared some tips I've learnt when it comes to Photography, if you'd like to have a read you can find it here.

Have you ever looked back on your old posts?