Now that the seasons have changed and everything is getting brighter in colour I decided to do an updated version of what's in my bag! I also done an updated version of what's in my makeup bag if you want to have a nosey you can do so here. These are my favourite kind of posts because I am a nosey person so who doesn't love a snoop!

(apologies for the off lighting in this picture, I swear the sun was going behind the clouds and out of them just to annoy me)

The bag I'm using for Spring this year is a gorgeous nude pink coloured LYDC bag that I got probably about 2 Summers ago. I got this in a boutique I used to work at and hadn't used it that much and decided that it would be perfect for Spring. I adore the square shape of the bag and there's a lot of room in it meaning you can carry all that stuff you don't actually need around with you everyday!

Starting with what's always in my bag no matter how many times I change it.
My Purse which is from Tescos and I absolutely hate it. I need a new one but I just cannot find one I like anywhere so I'm still waiting. Along with my purse you'll always find my House Keys and my iPhone 6 plus. Finally I always have some earphones with me and these are the ones that you get with an iPhone and I just keep them in their little case to keep them from getting all knotted and my iPod which is kept in my NueVue case* (post here) which is such a gorgeous colour and I just love what it does! 

Recently instead of chewing gum I've been loving having some mints in my bag. I've been loving these particular ones by Peppersmith Mints*. They contain Xylitol which help keep your teeth healthy which is such a great addition to a mint! I'm forever carrying around little mini wet wipes with me especially for when I go into shops that sell makeup. Am I the only one who comes out of Boots looking like a rainbow? I adore these little Accesorize Mini Wet Wipes in the scent Cherry and Vanilla. They smell so good and do a pretty good job at removing all the swatches from my arms and hands. Something that I have recently started liking which is strange because when I got it I really disliked it, however I've been loving the Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful Body Spray. The scent has grown on me so much and I honestly don't know what changed. The scent is very light and is just a great little body spray for Spring as it's nice and fresh. Along with these products I also have some bobbins just incase I ever need one as you'll never know when one will snap or your hair will just bug you. I also like to carry around some Sure Deodorant incase I need to freshen up throughout the day. Finally because it's Spring now and the sun is starting to reappear I have a pair of Red Heart Sunglasses inspired by Taylor Swift in my bag to keep the sun out of my eyes when I need it

When it comes to Beauty products I don't like carrying alot around with me, so what I do bring with me is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder just incase I need a touch up throughout the day. To apply that I use my Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush, I like to carry this around with me because it has a lid so I know it's clean lying at the bottom of my bag. Lip products I'm carrying around at the moment are the Body Shop Lip Balm in Strawberry for the days when I'm not wearing any lipstick or gloss but just want to add some moisture and shine to my lips. It's so hydrating I adore it and it smells/tastes amazing! Finally I've been carrying around my favourite lipstick at the moment which is the Wet n Wild Lipstick in Stoplight Red this colour is absolutely amazing and I have been wearing it non stop! (Find post all about it here)

What are your must haves in your handbag?