Having a good base before applying my makeup is something I find crucial for my makeup, to help it look the best it can and to keep it lasting as long as possible. Benefit The Porefessional has become my holy grail primer and I honestly don't know what I done without it. I have tried numerous amounts of different primers and I always go back to this one as I just adore the product and it works amazingly!

The product itself is a really lightweight balm like texture that helps smooth out any lines on the face or visible pores helping to give you a nice smooth layer to apply your foundation on top of. Coming in at €34.00 for a full sized tube it is slightly on the pricey side but honestly I haven't found anything that compares to it.

I've tried so many drugstore primers thinking that I could find one that does as good a job but there really was nothing that came even close to the flawless smooth base this gives you. What I also love about this primer is that it's a flesh toned one so it helps give you some coverage as well. If like me sometimes you're in a rush and have mistakenly applied your foundation before your primer you can put this on top, which I often have to do because my brain in the morning just doesn't function 100% and it works exactly the same way... it's basically magical!!

If you have not tried this primer I 100% recommend it and honestly say that it will change everything! If you don't want to fork out on a full sized one without trying it I'm sure the girls at your local Benefit stand would be happy to let you give it a try!

What is your holy grail primer?