If you are a Mum and are currently reading this, Happy Mothers Day!
When it comes to blog posts on Sunday's I never really know what to post so I thought I'd share the few little gifts I picked up my Mum for Mothers Day and allow you all to have a little nosey. I didn't take a picture of how I had it all set up as I had taken these photos last week but I basically put them all into a little colourful wicker basket with some fake green grass on the bottom (the stuff that's out for Easter) just to keep everything balanced and noticeable.

Firstly I picked up a 'Rose & Vanilla' candle from Copenhagen Candle Company as it is her favourite. I must say it does smell absolutely beautiful and lasts quite some amount of time.
In the same shop I came across the rocking horse globe with glitter inside. One thing to know about my Mum, she adores horses and items with hearts on them or even better if they are in the shape of a heart! So of course when I seen this globe I knew she would love it. It has a real rustic look to it which is quite nice.

While in Northern Ireland visiting my best friend I decided to pick her up a bottle of White Musk from The Body Shop as she absolutely adores the scent and is constantly sniffing it when we visit the stand in our town. She also goes on about how she used to wear it when she was my age so I decided why not get it as part of her gift.

A few little pieces I picked up was the little artificial oriental flower bouquet as she had been looking for them everywhere and couldn't find any. (She has a jar or something that she wants them for) They aren't actually a bouquet as they're on three separate steams that you can bend and have sit whatever way you like. I also picked up two hanging heart ornaments, one plain white designed with lots of cut out designs and the other with the words 'Dream Big' on it which to be honest I kind of wish I got myself one as I want to keep it! I also picked up a Butterfly hanging ornament as I thought the floral design on it was really lovely. My mum loves these sort of things to hang around the house and even though there is probably no more room sure whats three more?!

Finally I picked her up some fairylights in the shape of little huts that have heart and star cutouts which I think are just adorable. She's been looking for fairylights for a while that she'd like and so when I saw these I just thought they would be perfect. I also picked up a wooden candle holder again with a heart cut out on it..who would have guessed!

The little gift bag I got from Paperchase (again horse theme) and I put her perfume inside of it and sat it in the front of the basket. A bouquet of flowers is missing this year as she said she didn't want any and so for once I actually listened! (There was two more little gifts added to this which was another little heart ornament and another candle, they aren't pictured as this photo was took last week and I only got them on Friday!)

I hope you all have a wonderful day :)