I've never been one for Brow Mascaras because I just never was interested as I had been using brow powders for years and was happy with that. However when the TuTu Colour My Brows* came through my letterbox I was more than excited to give it a try!

When it comes to brow mascaras my number one problem was always the colours. As you can tell I have jet black hair and trying to get a brow colour inbetween black and dark brown that doesn't have a red undertone was always difficult, hence why I stuck to brow powders. Another thing I didn't quite like was how some of them made your brows feel rock hard, like solid and even though you couldn't actually feel it unless you touched it, it still bothered me!

So trying out this product I was slightly concerned, firstly I thought the colour was going to be way too light on me. I also was afraid of the application because the brush is a little bigger than I would have expected and I was basically waiting for myself to hate this product and not get on with it at all.

All I will say is never judge a book by it's cover.... or a brow mascara by it's packaging?! Surprisingly I was really blown away by this product. The colour is the perfect inbetween black and brown shade, it doesn't have a red undertone and best of all it doesn't make your brows feel like you rubbed cement over them. It actually leaves them feeling natural as if you have nothing on them! The brush was also so much easier to use than I thought it was going to be. The size lets you sweep through your brows quite quickly and allows you to go back over them if you need to darken up any areas.

I've really enjoyed using this and will continue to do so as I love the look it gives my brows. It's hard to believe it only costs €4.69 (now on offer for just €2.76!!) if you're interested you can find it here I have mine in the shade #2. You can also have a look at the other products Born Pretty Store has to offer here! If you see anything you like don't forget you can use the code JRDH10 for 10% off and free shipping!

Have you tried anything from Born Pretty Store?