I think everybody goes crazy for a good 'ol nude lip. Ever since Kylie Jenner stepped out rocking them the trend quickly exploded. I've picked up a few nude lipsticks since the trend started and will admit I adore the look. Recently I've been loving this duo!

I picked up the Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Nude when the trend started and hadn't gotten round to wearing it more than once or twice. However two weeks ago I decided to pick it up and give it a try and wear it out as I had gone with heavy eye makeup and wanted a nude lip to keep it toned down. The only thing I will say about this lipstick is make sure you apply a tiny bit of lip balm before applying it just as I do find without it, it's a little drying on the lips. But once you apply the little bit of lip balm it glides on beautifully and doesn't dry your lips out. As I wanted to keep the look quite dressy I decided to go through my lip product stash to see did I have any products that I could layer on top.

Right at the bottom I found the Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Champagne Toast and my current favourite nude lip duo was formed! This couldn't be a better match and the two together are just dreamy! I'm not one for lipgloss as I dislike the stickiness feeling but I have to say I do love Tanya's as I find they aren't mega sticky and they also smell amazing! I also hadn't gotten a lot of wear out of this lipgloss since I had bought it but these past two weeks it's all I've been wearing along with the lipstick.

I'm still loving the nude lip trend and don't want it disappearing anytime soon.
 What are your favourite nude lip product/products?