Oh W7, how I do love you for your amazing dupes. It should come to no suprise seeing me mention how much I adore W7 products by now as I have featured them in quite a few posts! You can see my favourite products from the brand here. You can also find my dupe posts here & here (if you're a fan of Urban Decay and Benefit, definitely recommend you look at the dupe posts!).

When it comes to blushers I will admit, I own a few but rarely use them as I always pick up my Benefit Rockateur but I have been trying to try out new ones. Although at the moment I'm loving bronzed and highlighted skin so I'm not using any right now! But I did wear the W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher a few times and thought it looked very like another blush I owned! After going through them all I finally spotted Benefit Coralista and compared the two.

W7 Blushes are very alike the Benefit ones in terms of packaging. Both coming in a little box with a brush inside. The only difference being that Benefit's ones have a mirror inside whereas the W7 one doesn't and you just pull the lid straight off instead of just pushing it up. (I don't own the Benefit Coralista full size so when I talk about packaging I do mean the one you buy seperately) 

However the product inside other than having a different design is almost identical! W7's Honey Queen is just as creamy, pigmented and gorgeous as the Benefit Coralista but with one thing winning me over - the price! We all love a good quality affordable product/dupe. W7's blush will only set you back £4.95/€6.97 whereas the Benefit one will cost you £23.50/€34.00. Crazy difference right?! So if you've got your eye on Coralista but can't afford it Honey Queen can make the 'to buy' list.

Have you found any dupes recently?