Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm ♡

Cleansing Balm
Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

I've gotten so much into Skincare these past few months and I have to say I am really enjoying treating my skin, although I will admit sometimes after work it's an effort but I do feel so much better after doing my full skincare routine rather than just removing my makeup with one product and leaving it at that. 

Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm's seem to have exploded with the most popular one you hear about everywhere being the Emma Hardie one. I was trying to get my hands on that particular one waiting for my local TK Maxx to get it in store (yes Tk Maxx stock Emma Hardie by the way) but I finally accepted that they weren't going to get it in any time soon and just moved on to find something else. Although I did know I wanted to try some sort of hot cloth cleanser because knowing they just melt the makeup off your face just made me excited about how fast makeup removal could be!

Things You Hear While Working In A Salon ♡

There's no doubt about it that I love my job and profession. However there's a few things you constantly hear or are asked while working in a salon and I decided to share a few with you today!

Lets start with things I hear while I'm washing peoples hair...

Do you know Paddy, you know Paddy well let me tell you something! I was out with Paddy the other day and we bumped into Margaret and you know Margaret! Well let me just tell you I'd say he ran home and called John up to tell him he saw her outside Pennys waiting for someone!
Firstly no, I don't know any of these people but it makes me laugh how because Clients have maybe mentioned this person before I should basically now know where they were born and where they live and basically their whole life story! You hear some funny stories and tales though while washing someones hair and you can't help but have a giggle!

Instead of using normal shampoo can you use Volumising shampoo on my hair thanks!
Okay so even though I tell you as a client 'yes of course no problem!' you can bet your bottom I am using regular shampoo to wash your hair, not because I'm a mean person but because 99% of salons just refill their fancy looking bottles with product from a gigantic 8 litre bottle of Shampoo that was bought from Salon Services. Every salon I've worked in so far does this exact thing and no matter how nice we are or how many little white lies we tell you, were just doing our job and using the shampoo in the fancy bottle whatever it may be!

As a non coffee drinker asking people if they'd like a cup of Tea or Coffee does be a nightmare, I'm sure the coffee I make tastes like tar because I have no idea what I'm doing however when it come's to asking if they take Milk or Sugar I've never heard such precise answers in my life! 

Yes dear I'd love a cup of coffee with milk and a quarter sugar please!
I'm sorry what? A quarter sugar....What the hell do you think I am a person working at Starbucks? I apologize for my dreadful measuring skills but the coffee you just finished contained a spoonful of sugar and you didn't leave a drop! 

Whats In My Bag || Work Edition ♡

Who doesn't love a good old nosey of what's in peoples handbags am I right!?
While emptying out my bag I decided to why not take a few quick snaps (trust me I mean quick I think I ended up with a choice of 5 photos, oops!) of what's currently in my bag for when I go to work. I also noticed that after taking this I forgot to empty the mini pocket on the side of the bag but there's nothing interesting really in there, just plasters incase I need one and tablets for if I get a headache or don't feel well, you know the usual!

Firstly whats always in my handbag now is my Hairdryer. In my new Job they supply all the brushes and other tools you may need but you just bring your own hairdryer which I like because I trained with this hairdryer and worked with it so I've become so used to it that when I pick up somebody else's it feels weird.

Products I've Finished ♡

Before I jump into the products in this post I just want to say..well more so ask how on earth people can do empties every month like fair play to you! It's taken me a few months to even collect these empties to make a post out of them and I finally think I completed enough to make a post out of it all!

Botanics Day Cream I adore the Boots Botanics range and I'm sure by now you already know this. As this is a day cream it's quite light but still so moisturising and smells absolutely gorgeous. Filled with natural plant extracts it helps brighten the skin giving a gorgeous glow. I used this every day (well when I remembered) and really enjoyed it. This is my second pot of this and I'll definitely be re-purchasing it very soon. (post about it here)

Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift I used to be that person who owned 700 different bottles of perfumes and never got around to finishing any of them. I am now the person who owns only 1 perfume and 1 body spray, I'm in desperate need of getting some new perfumes. I adored this one by Taylor and think it was my third bottle of it so it's always a repurchase for me! However although I adore this her first one named 'Wonderstruck' is my all time favourite and also a forever repurchase. Perfume is definitely at the top of my Birthday wishlist!

Colab Dry Shampoo As this was a travel sized bottle I went through it a lot quicker especially because the London fragrance was my favourite out of the three scents I tried. I even picked up the Extreme Volume edition in this scent because it's so nice and obviously I wanted to see would it work. You can't actually get Colab here so it won't be something I will repurchase and will stick with my trusty Batiste. (original formula post here extreme volume post here)

Breakfast And A Chat ♡

Love Tanya Book Iphone 6plus Food

Hey guys!
I'm basically writing this post while half asleep I am just so beyond tired these past few weeks.

So this month I've been pretty busy, I was on a Computer course for three weeks and not going to lie during that time my blog and even scheduled tweets suffered as I just couldn't find the time to write and schedule tweets etc. Also my use of Instagram was even limited because there just wasn't enough hours in the day.

I've also finally gotten a job again! I'm working in a Salon again doing what I love the most which I'm so happy about so again as I'm settling back into the long hours routine I am literally just falling into bed as soon as I get home. My goodness my feet also ache every day and by the time the evening comes around I'm hobbling along. However I am so unbelievably happy in the Salon I'm in and I absolutely love it!

Botanics Radiance Balm ♡

I have never fallen in love with a base so fast in my entire life!
After falling in love with the Botanics range after it being released I knew I wanted to try out this product as soon as I could after hearing so many people raving on about it. Luckily for me I won it in a giveaway from the lovely Melody over at Glam Fire Diaries which I was so happy about!(Thanks again Melody!) She also included a lovely card along with a little surprise which was a Collection Gel polish in the most gorgeous Raspberry shade.

Obviously as soon as I got it I was so excited to give it a try and so used it the next day. Ever since then I have not used another base since because oh my goodness trust me when I say you need this in your life! You only need the smallest amount to cover your whole face and it helps keep your makeup stay in place all day long.

Born Pretty Store Mini Beauty Blender ♡

If you said to me a year ago that I would be applying my foundation and concealer with sponges I would have laughed and rolled my eyes! Now if you tell me I have to apply my base products with a brush I'll grunt and roll my eyes. I absolutely adore and I mean adore the finish a sponge gives to your foundation look, it just helps achieve such a flawless finish and takes no time at all!

I refuse to spend crazy money on Makeup Sponges and find the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge works perfectly and gives a nice finish, so when this Mini Beauty Blender* from Born Pretty Store arrived through my letter box I was so excited to give it a try as it's small so it will be perfect to use for under the eyes and around the nose especially.

Slendertoxtea Teatox ♡

Over the past few months Teatox's have really exploded and have become so popular, with many different brands to choose from these teatox's help cleanse your body while having a little detox and helping you shed some pounds.

I tried out the Slendertoxtea 14 Day Teatox* and I must admit I was so excited to give it a try, after hearing so many things about the results.
I will admit I'm not a huge tea drinker and when I do drink tea my cup will consist of 20% water and 80% milk and I cant squeeze the teabag as I really dislike strong tea so this wasn't my cup of tea when I was trying it out but I will say you get used to it quite quickly.

TonyMoly Kiss Lover Lip Master ♡


When it's Summer time I just fall in love with orange lips.
I don't know why and I don't know where it came from but I just absolutely adore Orange lipsticks at this time of year.

One thing I will admit when it comes to lipstick I'm so lazy about re-applying it and working in a busy salon you just don't have time to be checking on your lipstick. However when this gorgeous Orange shade TonyMoly Kiss Lover Liquid Lipstick* came through my letterbox I was so excited because it's such a gorgeous vibrant colour!

Nokia Lumia 735 Review ♡

When it comes to mobile phones I'll admit I've gone through so many different brands and types but I'm forever going back to iPhones. I've tried to go my an iPhone to different phones but they just never work out for me. 

The lovely people over at Microsoft asked me if I would like to trial out a Nokia Lumia 735 for two weeks, of course I said yes as I wanted to see if it would change my mind about my favourite phone. I was so excited when the phone arrived as I had never owned a Windows phone so hadn't used one much before. The phone they sent over was luminous green which I actually really liked! I currently have the iPhone 6 plus so the Lumia screen was a lot smaller (although everything is smaller compared to the 6 plus) but I got used to it!

Say Goodbye To Spots & Acne, Say Hello To Glowing Skin ♡

A few months back my skin decided to hate me and break out so much, honestly I haven't a clue what caused it but personally I think it was I just ate so much junk that my skin suffered for it. About a week later after getting my skin back to the way it normally is I got an email asking if I would like to try out the PMD Personal Microderm*. I had read a few reviews previous to this and decided to research it a little more before replying with a big fat yes!

This device is basically a Microdermabrasion device in the comfort of your own home and without the crazy price tag. I had heard of Microdermabrasion before while doing my Beauty course so had an idea of what it was supposed to do. Incase you're currently lost reading this Microdermabrasion is a procedure that basically exfoliates your skin using a suction motion (think of a hoover but less scary on your face) to help remove the outer layer of dead skin and so once this is removed clearer and healthier skin takes it's place.

Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Wedding Outfit ♡

Earlier this week I attended a family wedding and surprisingly it was the first wedding I had ever attended and honestly I'm not in a hurry to go to another anytime soon because the stress of finding an outfit was dreadful! 
That aside when I finally got all the bits of my outfit together I liked it and trust me I went through quite some things until I found what I was happy with.

Normally when I post a fashion/outfit post I try to post pictures of me actually wearing the item. Yes there are ones where I'm looking straight at the camera and smiling but they are with family members so I would feel weird about posting them here so the photos above are all I had of just myself.

May Favourites ♡

Honestly doing monthly favourites just makes you aware of how fast the months are going by!
It's come to that time again and so here are my May favourites.

Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit I am so in love with this little contouring kit and have been using it everyday since purchasing it. The kit only comes in one shade however the contour powder is buildable so you can have it as light or as dramatic as you'd like. The highlighting powder I find amazing especially to set the concealer I use as a highlighter. This little kit only costs €7.59 which is such an affordable price for an amazing product. Since trying this I definitely want to try out more products from the range.

Graze Boxes This month I finally decided to try a Graze box, well actually I tried 2 because I couldn't help but order the Chocolate Box! All the treats I got were all so yummy and the fact that they were healthy didn't make me feel as bad eating them. I'm so gutted that Graze don't ship to Ireland because I really would be subscribed to it every week. A Graze box will cost you only £3.99.

W7 Neon Nights Palette ♡

There's nothing I love more than a colourful eye look. I adore wearing Purples, Blues and Pinks and have recently been also loving Corals and the new release from W7 is just my cup of tea thanks to the amazing range of colours!

The Neon Nights palette* contains 12 different shadows ranging from matte to shimmer finishes. From Yellow to Blues to Pinks to Green they really have every colour covered so theres something for everyone. I have to say I really love the packaging for this product, the transparent case is great at allowing you to see the colours very easily while going through your makeup collection. It's also very sturdy and closes tight so you know the product inside will be safe.

Catching Up Through Instagram Pictures ♡

I really enjoy looking back on the month through my Instagram photos although I will admit I get annoyed at myself when putting collages together because of how bright some photos are compared to others...oh the struggle! 

1. Just this weekend I went to see 5 Seconds Of Summer with my Best Friend. I took a quick snap of my outfit which now that I think of it is all from Primark! The top was €4.50 and the shorts were €15.00 both current season. Of course my next concert countdown has begun and it's only 27 days till I see my idol two dates in a row and I am so god damn excited!! 

2. Have you ever bought a magazine or just watched tv and bam you're surrounded by Graze advertisements!? Well I finally got one two boxes!! Sadly Graze is only for the UK but having a Best Friend who lives in Northern Ireland has it's perks when it comes to things only shipping to UK addresses. I got a normal box and then decided to order a Chocolate Box along with it because...hello Chocolate!! The treats I've tried so far have not disappointed and I am so gutted the don't ship to Ireland.

3. I'm no longer at home in the mornings and Sheldon gets in a huff with me, like no word of a lie he will stay in bed and even when I'm home he will not come near me and when I pick him up he just gives out and gives out and gives out more! So this is a little snap from an afternoon of chilling with him when he was my friend again.