When it comes to mobile phones I'll admit I've gone through so many different brands and types but I'm forever going back to iPhones. I've tried to go my an iPhone to different phones but they just never work out for me. 

The lovely people over at Microsoft asked me if I would like to trial out a Nokia Lumia 735 for two weeks, of course I said yes as I wanted to see if it would change my mind about my favourite phone. I was so excited when the phone arrived as I had never owned a Windows phone so hadn't used one much before. The phone they sent over was luminous green which I actually really liked! I currently have the iPhone 6 plus so the Lumia screen was a lot smaller (although everything is smaller compared to the 6 plus) but I got used to it!

It took me a while to get used to the Windows layout and the keypad but after about two or three days I got used to it. When it comes to Apps the Lumia definitely didn't disappoint, they have a huge range of apps from music to photography to social media and more! I had my usual social media ones downloaded but I also really enjoyed trying out new apps such as ones that gave you nail art ideas along with hairstyles and more. 

The one important thing for me when it comes to a phone (apart from it being able to connect to the internet) is the camera and that's one of the reasons why I love the iPhones. The Lumia 735 has an AMAZING front camera I was literally blown away by the quality! The front camera is a 5 megapixels while my current phone is only 1.2 megapixels which is a huge difference so taking selfies on the Lumia not going to lie was pretty fun! 

I really enjoyed using this phone for a change and would recommend it to people who are in the market for a smart phone that's affordable as this phone will only set you back €299.99. It also has wireless charging which I thought was such a cool idea. The selling point on the phone is definitely the front facing camera! I will however say as much as I did like using it and the amount of apps it had to offer etc I think I'm still an iPhone lover. 

Have you tried any of the Nokia Lumia phones?