Over the past few months Teatox's have really exploded and have become so popular, with many different brands to choose from these teatox's help cleanse your body while having a little detox and helping you shed some pounds.

I tried out the Slendertoxtea 14 Day Teatox* and I must admit I was so excited to give it a try, after hearing so many things about the results.
I will admit I'm not a huge tea drinker and when I do drink tea my cup will consist of 20% water and 80% milk and I cant squeeze the teabag as I really dislike strong tea so this wasn't my cup of tea when I was trying it out but I will say you get used to it quite quickly.

There's two different types of tea to drink on your teatox, one for the day time which you drink every morning and then one for the night which you drink every second night! The teabags are herbal and organic which help give your body a natural detox. When on a teatox it is recommended that you eat healthy to help in maximising the results.

While drinking these I have to say I definitely felt like I had so much more energy along with just all together feeling better about myself. I wasn't really drinking these to lose weight more so just to detox but do think they definitely worked as like I said I had so much more energy than normal. They do taste totally different but because you're drinking at least one everyday you get used to the taste pretty quickly.

I'd definitely recommend trying some out especially if you just want to give your body a full detox. They are something I will definitely get again especially for Summer! They come in different amounts so depending on the individual you can do a 14 day, 28 day or three month teatox! You can also buy the Daytox and Sleeptox separately if you'd like! The 14 day teatox pictured above will put you back €27.35 which I think is a pretty decent price for a two week teatox. Find out more about Slendertox Teas and prices over on their website here

Have you done a Teatox?