There's nothing I love more than a colourful eye look. I adore wearing Purples, Blues and Pinks and have recently been also loving Corals and the new release from W7 is just my cup of tea thanks to the amazing range of colours!

The Neon Nights palette* contains 12 different shadows ranging from matte to shimmer finishes. From Yellow to Blues to Pinks to Green they really have every colour covered so theres something for everyone. I have to say I really love the packaging for this product, the transparent case is great at allowing you to see the colours very easily while going through your makeup collection. It's also very sturdy and closes tight so you know the product inside will be safe.

The shadows themselves are gorgeous on but I will say that to let them live up to their full potential to put on a base before them just to allow them pop. They go on really well and are lovely to blend and work with. With a base underneath they last for hours and do not crease!

This palette is definitely one I'd recommend for anyone who loves wearing colour, as always W7 have kept their price affordable for an amazing quality product as this will only set you back €8.50 from retail stores or online! You can find a list of places that stock W7 products on their website here.

Have you tried any of the latest releases from W7?