Cleansing Balm
Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

I've gotten so much into Skincare these past few months and I have to say I am really enjoying treating my skin, although I will admit sometimes after work it's an effort but I do feel so much better after doing my full skincare routine rather than just removing my makeup with one product and leaving it at that. 

Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm's seem to have exploded with the most popular one you hear about everywhere being the Emma Hardie one. I was trying to get my hands on that particular one waiting for my local TK Maxx to get it in store (yes Tk Maxx stock Emma Hardie by the way) but I finally accepted that they weren't going to get it in any time soon and just moved on to find something else. Although I did know I wanted to try some sort of hot cloth cleanser because knowing they just melt the makeup off your face just made me excited about how fast makeup removal could be!

If you've been reading Keep Dreaming for a while you will know I am absolutely in love with the Boots Botanics skincare range. Everything and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING I have tried so far from the range has not disappointed me in any way as the products are absolutely amazing!! So of course when having a nosey at the stand in my local Boots and realising they done a Cleansing Balm lets just say I couldn't have ran any quicker to the checkout to buy it. I was so excited to come home and try it out and I remember having (well I didn't have too I just prefered too) to leave my makeup on till that evening as I ended up going out for a few hours, I was literally counting down till I was going home so I could finally try this out.

It's been well over a month since that day happened and I have not stopped using this since that day. I am in love with how amazing this product is. It melts away your makeup in seconds while being gentle and not feeling like you've just rubbed baby oil all over your face. It also smells amazing as does everything from this brand! The product also comes with a Muslin cloth which I thought was so great as you didn't have to go buy some. I would have included it in this picture but I had just removed my makeup so it wasn't looking very white at all.

I honestly cannot praise this product enough and although I thought it was a little expensive while purchasing it, after over a month of using it and seeing how long lasting the product is and how well it works I think it's worth every penny. The Cleansing Balm will set you back €12.99 although sometimes Boots will put it on offer for just €8.66 (I'll definitely be stocking up!) 

Have you ever tried a Cleansing Balm?