Earlier this week I attended a family wedding and surprisingly it was the first wedding I had ever attended and honestly I'm not in a hurry to go to another anytime soon because the stress of finding an outfit was dreadful! 
That aside when I finally got all the bits of my outfit together I liked it and trust me I went through quite some things until I found what I was happy with.

Normally when I post a fashion/outfit post I try to post pictures of me actually wearing the item. Yes there are ones where I'm looking straight at the camera and smiling but they are with family members so I would feel weird about posting them here so the photos above are all I had of just myself.

Being obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw's style (and let's be honest what girl isn't) I decided to go with a Tulle skirt taking her style into consideration and so pairing the skirt with a plain striped top with a statement necklace and heels, let's not forget a hat also to finish off the outfit!

The skirt I got from Boohoo and it only cost €24.00 which I thought was such a brilliant price as I had looked at ones that looked the exact same but cost triple the amount!
 My top was just a plain navy striped top from Dunnes Stores that cost €8.00 I never knew how hard it was to shop for a striped top until I needed one for this outfit. Either the stripes were too big or non existent so I was so happy when I came across this one. 
My shoes I am absolutely in love with and are from River Island. I will admit though they are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes you will ever put on your feet, they only cost €50.00 which I was so surprised by as I thought they were going to be much more expensive. No matter how much pain they put me through I still absolutely love them.  
Finally my statement necklace and headpiece were both from a local boutique!

I will admit though once the night was over and we finally got home I was so happy to be able to change back into my comfortable pyjamas as always!