I really enjoy looking back on the month through my Instagram photos although I will admit I get annoyed at myself when putting collages together because of how bright some photos are compared to others...oh the struggle! 

1. Just this weekend I went to see 5 Seconds Of Summer with my Best Friend. I took a quick snap of my outfit which now that I think of it is all from Primark! The top was €4.50 and the shorts were €15.00 both current season. Of course my next concert countdown has begun and it's only 27 days till I see my idol two dates in a row and I am so god damn excited!! 

2. Have you ever bought a magazine or just watched tv and bam you're surrounded by Graze advertisements!? Well I finally got one two boxes!! Sadly Graze is only for the UK but having a Best Friend who lives in Northern Ireland has it's perks when it comes to things only shipping to UK addresses. I got a normal box and then decided to order a Chocolate Box along with it because...hello Chocolate!! The treats I've tried so far have not disappointed and I am so gutted the don't ship to Ireland.

3. I'm no longer at home in the mornings and Sheldon gets in a huff with me, like no word of a lie he will stay in bed and even when I'm home he will not come near me and when I pick him up he just gives out and gives out and gives out more! So this is a little snap from an afternoon of chilling with him when he was my friend again. 

4. I had a quick visit to Boots to pick up a bottle of the Garnier Micellar Water as it's my holy grail makeup remover and I had totally run out, however when I went into Boots it was 3 for 2 on all Skincare items so I couldn't resist that offer really. I ended up picking up both versions of the Garnier Micellar water (sensitive skin and combination/sensitive skin) along with the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm by Botanics and four words...I AM IN LOVE! 

5. I received a package in the post from the lovely people over at Born Pretty Store and I honestly think this is the cutest brush roll ever, it even has a little brush set inside! The hearts both have a 'B' on it so I've decided that they stand for Beauty Blogger because why the hell not!?

6. Who doesn't love some Starbucks every now and again. They even spelt my name right! Forever getting a Chocolate Creme Frappuccino because I am that weirdo who cannot stand the taste of Coffee. I also got a Marshmallow Twizzle which was delicious. 
7. As you are reading this I'm currently at a wedding and these beauties are the shoes I am wearing. They are from River Island and are current stock, I will admit they are absolutely dreadful to walk in they are so uncomfortable but beauty is pain right!!? They cost €50.00 which I thought was such a great price as I expected them to be much more expensive.

8. Who doesn't love a good sale on a makeup stand, while browsing through the L'oreal stand at Tescos it dawned on me that I've tried very few products from the brand and I definitely need to start picking up some bits and pieces to try.

9. I am still in love with the So Su polishes I have not painted my nails with anything else since getting these! I wrote a review all about them here and I am also currently wearing 'I Do' and 'Bright Lights' to go with my outfit for the wedding which I'm sure outfit photos will be up sometime this week!

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What did you get up to this weekend?