A few months back my skin decided to hate me and break out so much, honestly I haven't a clue what caused it but personally I think it was I just ate so much junk that my skin suffered for it. About a week later after getting my skin back to the way it normally is I got an email asking if I would like to try out the PMD Personal Microderm*. I had read a few reviews previous to this and decided to research it a little more before replying with a big fat yes!

This device is basically a Microdermabrasion device in the comfort of your own home and without the crazy price tag. I had heard of Microdermabrasion before while doing my Beauty course so had an idea of what it was supposed to do. Incase you're currently lost reading this Microdermabrasion is a procedure that basically exfoliates your skin using a suction motion (think of a hoover but less scary on your face) to help remove the outer layer of dead skin and so once this is removed clearer and healthier skin takes it's place.

Using this device it should help with the look of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring. Personally I get a few spots here and there and suffer with hyper pigmentation in my cheeks but I more so just wanted to see would it achieve the healthier, glowing skin look. When I received it I will admit I think I waited a week before being brave enough to put it near my face because  it was totally different than anything I've used before!

It makes noise (not crazy loud but a noise that made me nervous to put it on my face for awhile) and when you apply it to your skin it sucks it, basically like when you were a child and put the hoover to your hand and it'd suck your skin (that wasn't just me right!?) well this is what this does but to your face and body. You quickly guide it over the skin you're treating going away from the face (from nose out to cheek direction) gently pulling tight on the skin.

I'll admit the first time is scary because you can't leave it on for too long and because it's sucking the skin you're trying to glide it along as quickly as possible but you're panicking also. After my first use I became more confident and started using it once a week every week! I can also say that it does exactly what it says. My skin always has much more radiance to it using this and even the hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks has reduced hugely! I've also not had any crazy breakouts anymore thanks to this little machine.

It comes with different disks such as one for beginners, sensitive skin and bigger ones to use on your body etc along with a DVD showing you how to use it. Yes it's scary at first but once you get the hang of it I must say it's amazing and really does make a difference to your skin. You can find out more about the PMD over on their website here (find the exact one photographed here). It will set you back £150 but it is well worth it for the healthy glowing skin it helps achieve!

Have you ever tried the PMD Personal Microderm?