When it's Summer time I just fall in love with orange lips.
I don't know why and I don't know where it came from but I just absolutely adore Orange lipsticks at this time of year.

One thing I will admit when it comes to lipstick I'm so lazy about re-applying it and working in a busy salon you just don't have time to be checking on your lipstick. However when this gorgeous Orange shade TonyMoly Kiss Lover Liquid Lipstick* came through my letterbox I was so excited because it's such a gorgeous vibrant colour!

The product itself smells really nice and best of all it stains the lips which I really like as when it wears off instead of looking like you have nothing on your lips there's still a coloured stain. The product is long lasting even before wearing off and I really like the packaging. 

I've worn this a few times and absolutely adore it! I will say that when it is on your lips it's not as vibrant as it is on my hand swatched above. You can shop more TonyMoly products on Bonjour Hk here! The lip product above is in the shade #15 Nude Orange, and costs only $8.44 (find here)

Whats your favourite Summer lip colour?