If you said to me a year ago that I would be applying my foundation and concealer with sponges I would have laughed and rolled my eyes! Now if you tell me I have to apply my base products with a brush I'll grunt and roll my eyes. I absolutely adore and I mean adore the finish a sponge gives to your foundation look, it just helps achieve such a flawless finish and takes no time at all!

I refuse to spend crazy money on Makeup Sponges and find the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge works perfectly and gives a nice finish, so when this Mini Beauty Blender* from Born Pretty Store arrived through my letter box I was so excited to give it a try as it's small so it will be perfect to use for under the eyes and around the nose especially.

I love using this for my concealer, even though it's small it does expand when it's wet but at the same time it still stays small enough to reach around any difficult areas. This sponge is great as it doesn't absorb any product and applies it well along with distributing it evenly around the area you're applying the product too.

The best thing about this product other than it being amazing at applying products is the price! This little gem will only set you back €1.54 which is such an amazing price. They also come in four different colours. Don't forget if you use the code 'JRDH10' you can get 10% off your order along with free shipping worldwide!

Do you prefer brushes or sponges to apply base products?