Let Out A Scream Hooray It's Halloween ♥

It's here, it's here my favourite day of the year. After being counting down since August I'm so excited! So I've decided to do a quick outfit of the day and makeup post to show you what I'm wearing today.

Witch Blemish Stick ♥

A few weeks back this little product popped through my letterbox which was a nice little surprise as I had no idea I was getting it. Witch have been a brand I've been wanting to try for quite some time but couldn't get my hands on it as my local Boots doesn't stock it, so you could probably guess my excitement when I opened the envelope. Two reasons why I wanted to try a product from their range was because 1. Their called 'Witch' 2. They use natural ingredients with their main one being Witch Hazel (never heard of that? Dont worry I hadn't either). Over the past few months I've been loving finding new skincare products that consist of natural ingredients and are cruelty free.

Whats In My Makeup Bag #3 | No Makeup - Makeup ♥

We've reached the last post in this short series, I hope you've enjoyed having a nosey at what I put on my face on a daily basis and for events. If you need to catch up with the other posts from this series you can find my everyday one here and my night/event one here. Now on to the final post what I wear on my no makeup - makeup days. Enjoy!

Room Decorations | Halloween Series ♥

So incase you didn't know yet Halloween is my favourite time of year so I thought I would take a few snaps of the decorations around my room so you can have a nosey. Note that this post is going to be very photo heavey. I already posted my dresser showing the decorations I have on that so incase you missed that you can click here. Most of my decorations are from Homestore and More, basically I own about half of the Halloween department from there but they always are such great prices! 

Halloween Inspired Nails | Nails Of The Week ♥

I decided to just do a quick little post today, I have been wearing this design on my nails for the past two weeks because its Halloween! The white is Barry M Matt White, the red is some brand I got in my college kit and has no name and the purple is Makeup Revolution in Take Me. The crosses are f…

Beauty Must Haves For Halloween ♥

 With it only being 7 days till Halloween I decided to show my must haves for this years holiday! 

Benefit They're Real vs W7 Absolute Lashes ♥

W7 Mascara Benefit They're Real Dupe

I adore They're Real by Benefit, it is my holy grail of all mascaras but when I seen W7's Absolute Lashes I couldn't help but think the packaging was so similar would the results be? So of course I had to order it straight away to give it a try, because if this done the same job I was going to be saving some serious amount of euros. They're Real will cost you €26 whereas the Absolute Lashes will only put you back €3.50 - €5 depending on where you order it from.

Ghoulish Figures Start To Wake ♥

Benefit Box O' Blushes ♥

I love me some Benefit cosmetics so when I seen this product online I knew I had to snatch it up straight away because I have only ever tried the Rockateur Blush and have really been wanting to try some others and of course the famous Hoola bronzer.

Whats In My Makeup Bag #2 | Night-Event ♥

I honestly can't get over the amount of views the first part of this series got and I'm so glad people were interested and enjoyed it, so here is the second part of the series my night/event makeup bag. If you missed the first post ft. my everyday makeup you can find it here

For One Night Out Of The Year ♥

7 Autumnal Lipstick Picks ♥

My favourite thing about Autumn beauty wise has to be berry coloured lips! There is something that just screams Autumn about them. I've picked 7 of my favourite Berry shades to share with you all ranging from different prices so theres a budget for everyone!

Halloween Meme Box ♥

It's finally here after ordering it back in August it's finally in my hands (can you tell I was eager after ordering it back in mid- August) I honestly couldn't believe that this arrived today as it was only posted a week ago, I wasn't even sure I'd have it before Halloween but I was so excited to open it and have a goo at what was inside. Please note that if you have ordered this box and have yet to receive it this post shows what's inside so if you want it to keep it a surprise don't read on! Also pretty photo heavy.

Blake's Pure Red ♥

I've never tried Loreal cosmetics before it just seems to be a stand I never pay any attention to while in Boots or other Pharmacy's, however when I seen this collection I knew I had to try it out for sure!

Whats In My Makeup Bag #1 | Everyday ♥

My everyday makeup is a tad bit heavy so there are a lot of products just incase your looking at the pictures and wondering why there are so many products.

What's Come Through My Letter Box ♥

I love shopping online but absolutely hate waiting for packages I'm so impatient. I spent all of last week literally stalking the postman out my window (I learnt we have 4 different ones and one of them is hot!) to watch him walk straight by my house and into my neighbours. So last week was agony waiting. However Monday came and the postman knocked my door with 3 packages (and the proceeded to tell me I had to pay €20 for custom charges for my Zoella beauty products, I was not happy at all because 1. I have ordered from Feel Unique so many times and never had to pay customs and 2. Feel Unique wrote on the package the goods were valued at a ridiculous price when I only payed half it. So yeah I now hate customs and highly doubt I'll order from Feel Unique again.) Anyways onto what I got

Firstly from ebay I ordered a white foundation, I wanted the Barry M one because I knew it would be good however I could not find it in shops or online and I didn't want to pay a ridiculous price because I only wanted it for Halloween so I got this one as it was only €3.80.

Lush Wishlist ♥

I adore Lush products, while I sadly cannot buy any of the bath bombs or fizzer's and all them amazing products Lush are popular for I've put a little wishlist together of the stuff I'd like to try/re-purchase. I've linked them below incase you see anything you like or want to read…

My Pamper Evening ♥

(note: this post is picture heavy)  There is nothing I love more than a nice pamper evening especially now that the weather has gotten colder and rainy. It just makes you feel good so I've decided to share what's included in a pamper evening for myself.

First I'll remove all my makeup I've had on for the day. I mostly use the Garnier micellar water but sometimes I'll also use the softening cleansing lotion where I feel that makeup is being a slight bit stubborn.  

Movies To Watch | Halloween Series ♥

There's nothing more I love than watching movies especially Halloween ones, you will legit find me watching them in the middle of March I just adore them! So I've put a small list together of ones that I recommend you watch during October. Enjoy! (just incase anyone is scared of characters in scary movies I have only used gifs of words or title screens for the horror movies listed, just incase)

Hocus Pocus


Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner ♥

Botanics Hydrating Day Cream ♥

If there's one thing I can't be bothered to do when it comes to beauty related things is skincare. I'm just really lazy when it comes to my skin to be honest.

Nars Wishlist ♥

Laguna Bronzing Powder | Sheer Glow Foundation | Sheer LipstickAll Eyes On You set | Eyeshadow Duo in Tropical Princess

Trick or Treating When I Was Younger ♥

image found on google.
I don't really know how this idea popped into my head but somehow it did while watching an advert about sweets.

So you know when you were younger and Trick or Treating was exciting because free sweets well there used to be a few things I used to despise getting in my little bag and decided to share them.

Brand Focus: Benefit ♥

Oh I do love me some Benefit cosmetics in my life. Benefit is my absolute favourite brand however sometimes some of their products do sadly disappoint me but that doesn't change my love for the brand. Here are some products I love and well not so much love. Enjoy!

Essence Blush Up! ♥

What To Look Forward To In Autumn ♥

photos found on tumblr, I just added them into a collage.
Its my favourite time of year and I'm so excited eeek!
I adore everything about Autumn especially the fact that my favourite holiday is this season, Halloween ♥
So I've put a list together of the things I love about Autumn.

I Heart Chocolate Palette ♥

I Blame Blogging ♥

So I went down town to get 1 thing and told myself I couldn't buy anything because I need to save money for different things...yeah that didn't last long!