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I don't really know how this idea popped into my head but somehow it did while watching an advert about sweets.

So you know when you were younger and Trick or Treating was exciting because free sweets well there used to be a few things I used to despise getting in my little bag and decided to share them.

1. Fruit
My god the one night where you can OD on candy there was always people that would either give you an apple or an orange like why?!! It was never eaten, it was Halloween the only thing little me was concerned about was how many hours I had to consume all the sweets I had gotten.

2. Loose Change
I don't know which is worse the people who gave fruit or the people who gave you about 12cents in 2's and 1's, I can't remember if I was happy about this when I was a child but I wouldn't imagine so because a. there was candy in my bag that had no wrappers so b. the dirty money was making it all gross. I've decided I didn't like this when I was younger

3. Monkey Nuts
Is that what they're called because that's what I call them and if thats not their name nobody will know what the hell I'm talking about, basically theres 2 peanuts in a shell and you have to crack it open (its not hard you just press it between your fingers to break it). I definitely associate these with Halloween but I remember half of your trick or treating bag would just be full of these and you'd still be looking at them days later.

4. Black Licorice
This was my worst nightmare I absolutely despised it (still do) and without fail you'd be able to open a black licorice store with the amount of it you used to get. I legit know nobody who actually enjoyed this.

Is there anything you remember that you weren't fond of getting?