I've never tried Loreal cosmetics before it just seems to be a stand I never pay any attention to while in Boots or other Pharmacy's, however when I seen this collection I knew I had to try it out for sure!
The collection consists of different tones/shades of Red and Nude colours and while in my local pharmacy buying some dry shampoo I knew I just had to pick at least one up to try them out so I picked up 'Blake's Pure Red'. The picture doesn't even do the colour any justice as its so beautiful, think Snow White Red and thats exactly what this colour is!
I adore the packaging, it is so sleek and expensive looking, and the lid clips in well so you know it won't be popping off while in your handbag, that is probably a weird thing to say but I hate when you're rummaging around your bag to find that the lid of your lipstick has come off. These gorgeous creations cost €12.29 however I got it for €6.99 because their was 33% off it as a special offer (plus the girl behind the counter obviously got confused, so I got it cheaper than it was supposed to be but I was not complaining!) I know in Boots at the moment there is a 3 for 2 offer on these if you would like to check them out. 
They glide on gorgeously and are so creamy and of course pigmented. I also have my eye on the Eva red as that was so nice however was a slightly lighter red, you can never have enough red lipsticks right? Aswell as Reds their are some Nude colours however I didn't really get to have a proper look at these ones and swatch them as their were no testers (don't you hate when that happens) but I will definitely be keeping my eye out for these when I'm in Boots so I can have a good look at all the colours. 

Have you tried any of this range yet?