Only 12 days till Halloween and so I decided to throw this easy look together. What is it? Honestly I have no idea but it's something that could be used to dress up a costume instead of just going with normal makeup I guess. This can be done in about 10 minutes to be honest and you can add more colours to the under eye area to make it look bruised etc it's Halloween you can go crazy!!

All I used for this look was:
Revecen - white foundation all over my face and neck.
Makeup Rev Give Them Nightmares - Darkness (black) all over the lid and eyebrows
Barry M Starry Eyed palette - The reddy-wine colour (has no name) blended into the crease and under the eye. I found patting the colour on under the eye with your finger gave it more of a distressed look than applying it with a brush.
Supercat & Master Drama to line my eyes. I also drew a cross on my forehead with Master Drama kohl pencil and then smudged it.
I used a red lipstick from Avon and the Master Drama kohl pencil for my lips.
For the fake blood I used the Revecen blood lipstick although I'm not 100% sure if I like it with the blood I really didn't know how it was supposed to look aha.
I also used a set of false eyelashes
But like I said really simple look to do and you'll more than likely have everything you need for it!

Are you going to any Halloween parties this year, are you dressing up?