I'm sure you're probably sick of reading reviews about this product by now but I've decided to give my opinion on it. Firstly I adore Benefit they are my absolute favourite makeup brand and I knew this product was going to be either a hit or miss for me.

I wasn't the first in line to get this in fact I didn't get this until a while after it came out because to be honest even though I adore gel liner I thought it was a bit gimmicky, lets be honest what's the difference in using this instead of a gel liner with a winged liner brush. The difference for me is the pen gets in my way! I really didn't enjoy this product at all and I'm so glad I only got the travel size one and not the full size because I would have been so disappointed to have wasted that money.
I didn't find the product to spread easily to be honest and it dried way too fast for my liking and I didn't feel it created the 'perfect wing' as I found the wing ended up pointing towards the top of my ear rather than the end of my eyebrow. So this definitely didn't make me ditch my gel liner in a tub and winged liner brush (although I've actually stopped using winged liner brushes and now use the Real Techniques silicone liner brush). But just because I didn't like this doesn't mean you wont but I would suggest trying to get your hands on a sample before buying it just incase because a tub of liner is much cheaper than this. I do feel though if you are a newbie to gel liner and you started off with this you'd get used to the product and probably adore it, again everyone has different preferences.

Did you try this product, what did you think of it?