Makeup Revolution can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. You've heard me say it before and I shall say it again, their cosmetics are absolutely amazing and are such affordable prices! This palette has turned into my holy grail, the colours, oh my god the colours are so gorgeous ranging from browns, dark greens, purples and pale pinks. They blend so easily and are very long lasting (using the focus and fix makeup rev primer underneath, never tried them without a primer so I can't comment on that).

The packaging is adorable, firstly who doesn't love chocolate and this is just perf for any chocoholic you may know (and it has less calories ;) although I don't suggest you try to eat it as that would end in disaster!) The packaging may remind you of the Too Faced chocolate bar and as far as I know alot of people are calling it an exact dupe which is great for those of you who may want the Too Faced one but don't exactly want to splurge the money on it.

Like I said the colours blend gorgeously and are highly pigmented, you definitely don't have to keep swiping your brush back and forth in these shades you really only need one swipe and then you can build it up if you wish. I also like the fact that they've taken the time to name each shadow (they do this with most of their palettes which is great because sometimes when you buy cheaper products they don't normally name every shadow) My personal favourites at the moment are 'More!' all over the lid, 'What A Way To Go' in the crease and 'Stolen Chocolate' on the outer v (if you do try that combo let me know!).

So like I said Makeup Revolution can do no wrong in my eyes, I have yet to try a product that disappoints and my collection of their products is vastly growing, and I may or may not have just placed another order yesterday..oops?!

Have you tried Makeup Revolution yet?