(note: this post is picture heavy)  There is nothing I love more than a nice pamper evening especially now that the weather has gotten colder and rainy. It just makes you feel good so I've decided to share what's included in a pamper evening for myself.

First I'll remove all my makeup I've had on for the day. I mostly use the Garnier micellar water but sometimes I'll also use the softening cleansing lotion where I feel that makeup is being a slight bit stubborn.  

I then will of course play some music off my phone and I'm almost 99% sure I'm not the only one who has 'Shower' and 'Sleep' playlists right? So yeah I'll put on a playlist or make one and depending on my mood will depend on the kind of music I listen to.
Sadly in my house we don't have a bath just a shower so this is where I miss out on all the glorious Lush bath bombs and bath soaks, it really annoys me when I go into Lush and I can't buy the products their like most famous for. I'm currently using the Soap and Glory Clean on Me shower gel, Lush Godiva shampoo bar and I will normally put in a hair mask the one I'm currently using is Sea extract and Henna mask by Options essence. Of course no pamper evening would be complete without a face mask so I'll pop one of those on after the shower.

While my mask is setting I'll normally paint my nails, current Autumn favourites are these Barry M colours in Paprika and Mustard. To get into the Halloween spirit (that I have been in since September) I decided to add some small crosses to my nails also. Once my nails are dry I will then wash off my facemask.
Now that my nails have been painted and my face is back to looking like my face of course I have to spend some quality time with my little boy! This photo looks as if I'm holding his head up but he's doing that because I'm rubbing his neck which he loves so much.
Fairylights and candles are obviously an essential to every pamper night.
I'll then relax and watch a movie, which normally takes about 20 minutes to actually choose one.

 Eventually then I fall asleep

What does your pamper evening consist of?