Let Out A Scream Hooray It's Halloween ♥

It's here, it's here my favourite day of the year. After being counting down since August I'm so excited! So I've decided to do a quick outfit of the day and makeup post to show you what I'm wearing today.

Maleficent tee - Qwertee (no longer for sale) | Leather Skirt - New Look | Cape - Best Friend Made | Skeleton Clip - Claires | Temporary Tattoo - LaLanc Real Tattoo

(its only 3 and it is legit black outside so I do apologise for the lighting in photos) Wearing the makeup that I done here

Hope you all enjoy your day if you are celebrating Halloween! 


  1. Your guinea pig is soo cute! :) I have four myself, they're the best pets EVER xx

    Ioanna | Hearting

    1. Thank you lovely! :') Oh I just adore them they are the cutest x

  2. The skeleton clip is absolutely amazing! Have a great day. x x


  3. Awh beautiful guinea pig!! Lovely make up! Abi :)

  4. Halloween is my favourite!!!! Your guinea pig is adorable!!

    London Beauty xxx

  5. Love to dress up for halloween!
    Really like it all, but really great hair clip. Love the eyes and nails!
    Dani x (somanylovelythings.com)

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