I love shopping online but absolutely hate waiting for packages I'm so impatient. I spent all of last week literally stalking the postman out my window (I learnt we have 4 different ones and one of them is hot!) to watch him walk straight by my house and into my neighbours. So last week was agony waiting. However Monday came and the postman knocked my door with 3 packages (and the proceeded to tell me I had to pay €20 for custom charges for my Zoella beauty products, I was not happy at all because 1. I have ordered from Feel Unique so many times and never had to pay customs and 2. Feel Unique wrote on the package the goods were valued at a ridiculous price when I only payed half it. So yeah I now hate customs and highly doubt I'll order from Feel Unique again.) Anyways onto what I got

Firstly from ebay I ordered a white foundation, I wanted the Barry M one because I knew it would be good however I could not find it in shops or online and I didn't want to pay a ridiculous price because I only wanted it for Halloween so I got this one as it was only €3.80.
Its not bad although it does have shimmer in it which is not ideally but it'll do. I found out that to make it come out full on white you have to apply it with a sponge as when you apply it with a brush it's far from white.

I then got my Makeup Revolution order and you know me and my Makeup Revolution products, I adore them!! Although this was literally the smallest order I have ever placed with them and with all the new products their releasing a big one is going to have to be placed soon someone please take my credit card away from me immediately.
Firstly I got the 'Give Them Nightmares' palette, this is my ideal palette because the colours in it are the colours I wear on a daily basis so it is perfect. I also adore how Halloweeny the packaging is for it. 
I then picked up the Full Vamp lipstick collection which consists of 100% Vamp, Rebel With Cause and Black Heart, I already have 100% Vamp so this new one (hense why it's in its packaging still) will be given to my best friend who I have made recently place an order with Makeup Rev because thats how much I love it I'm making others buy some aha. 
I then picked up their Fixing spray because I've always wanted to give one a try but never knew which one would be good but since theirs is only €5.99 I just had to try theirs, so I'm sure you'll hear about that soon. Although I don't expect I'll be disappointed.
Finally I picked up their Salvation velvet lip laquer in Rebel and oh my god I am already in love with this product and will definitely be buying it in more shades for sure! This goes on as a liquid and dries in as a matte colour and I can already tell this is going to have such great staying power as once it's dry it does not budge!

I then received a wonderful package from W7 makeup for being their 100th Instagram follower, I couldn't believe the amount of stuff they gave me because honestly I was expecting just 1 or 2 items so a huge thank you to them and Oliva at Aqua PR.
So firstly I received the Angel Eyes palette which consists of such beautiful neutral shades and I cannot wait to try this out. I then received a nailpolish in the colour Raspberry Sorbet (how gorgeous is this colour though) and a cosmic nail dust in Glam which is the perfect purple coloured glitter. I also received a Butter Kiss lipstick in the colour Pretty in Pink which is the perfect pink shade for when you just want to add a pop of colour to your lips. I also received the Night Glow highlight and it is such a gorgeous peach colour, the packaging reminded me of Benefits ones, and finally I received The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher. I was so excited when I seen this as I have been dying to try out one of their boxed blushers, the packaging remind me so much of Benefits ones. The colour is so gorgeous and I am so beyond excited to try this one out. 

Then in my Feel Unique order which consisted of Zoella Beauty products (that I wasn't so excited for after customs took the good out of it) I received The GuineaPig makeup bag, it really is the perfect size to hold your everyday makeup in etc and of course as soon as I seen the Guinea Pig one I knew I had to get that one because I adore guinea pigs they're just so cuteee! I also picked up the body mist and candle and okay so everybodys review I've read so far said that both these items smell the same but I don't think they do at all. The body mist smells sweet and floraly when you first spray it, it is quite strong but it eventually settles. This was my first time buying products I had never smelt to obviously it was going to be a hit or miss. I'm not saying I hate it, it's just not something I go for. It smells young but then at the same time I can't help but associate it with older people perfume. The candle on the other hand (which by the way looks like it shrunk on its way here its tiny!) smells so much stronger again its definitely sweet with a hint of floral, it says it also has sweet vanilla and white wood accents, I'm not sure which it is that makes this alot stronger but it is and the scent is definitely not the exact same. (Can you tell I'm the worst at describing scents because I really am) Finally I picked up the shower cream which has a very light scent I'm going to say the smell is inbetween the candle and mist it's very light but is sweet, I like the amount you get for the price. Overall I love the packaging you can tell it was all designed by Zoe however if I had smelt things first and saw them in person I probably would have only picked up the makeup case and shower gel but the others wont go to waste as I will use them one way or another if it's just to display them on my vanity because they look pretty or to use them.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned above?