There's nothing more I love than watching movies especially Halloween ones, you will legit find me watching them in the middle of March I just adore them! So I've put a small list together of ones that I recommend you watch during October. Enjoy! (just incase anyone is scared of characters in scary movies I have only used gifs of words or title screens for the horror movies listed, just incase)

Hocus Pocus


Halloweentown II : Kalabar's Revenge

Halloweentown High

Return To Halloweentown
(they recast the main character for this one so I don't love it as much as the other 3)

Caspar The Friendly Ghost

  The Purge & The Purge: Anarchy

The Ring

Paranormal Activity
(theres a couple of these, they all have the same story line but do give you a scare here and there)

The Strangers
(this is based on true events, it's scary and horrible, would recommend watching the trailer first)

What are your favourite Halloween movies to watch?