We've reached the last post in this short series, I hope you've enjoyed having a nosey at what I put on my face on a daily basis and for events. If you need to catch up with the other posts from this series you can find my everyday one here and my night/event one here. Now on to the final post what I wear on my no makeup - makeup days. Enjoy!

So on days where I don't exactly want to go out barefaced but don't want to go through all the effort of a full on makeup look these are the products I normally wear.

For my face I will either use a BB cream or a CC cream honestly I don't determine which I'm going to wear on the day it's more of a which ever one I pick out first! The BB cream I use is the Maybelline Dream Fresh in Light, and the CC cream I use is the Karora Skin Sensation. The Karora product doesn't come in different shades as it actually adjusts to your skin tone when applied and it smells divine I must say! You can also use this all over the body if you wish to as it does some amazing things but I'll explain that in a post on it's own so keep an eye out for that!
For brows again it's between two products Archery in Brownie points by Soap and Glory or I Tint My Brows by Makeup Revolution in dark brown and as usual it's just kind of whatever one is picked out first.
I usually use the Little Mix eye palette by Collection just because it has good neutral tones and I normally just use a light brown in my crease just to make it look like I've actually put effort into my makeup and didn't only spend 3 minutes doing it.
Mascara wise I use the Wonder'full by Rimmel as it doesn't clump and I find it keeps your lashes looking natural but just more noticeable, and of course the Argan oil is good for your lashes.
Finally I'll just swipe Colour Rush in the colour 'Drive Me Nude' by Rimmel on my lips and thats all!

What products do you use for a no makeup-makeup look?