Sanctuary Spa Feather Light Moisture Spray ♡

Sanctuary Spa Feather Light Moisture Spray
Sanctuary Spa Feather Light Moisture Spray

My local Boots has recently dedicated a whole wall to travel sized items and boy you could only imagine my excitement! (See what other items I picked up here) One of the items I decided to pick up was the Sanctuary Spa Feather Light Moisture Spray due to it just sounding great for no makeup days. For only €3.49 I really couldn't leave it behind.

Firstly this smells absolutely amazing and oh my goodness I am just obsessed with the scent. Is it weird to describe the scent as a scent you'd smell if you went for a Spa day because that it literally what it reminds me of. It's real fresh and honestly I wish there was a perfume with this scent because it's just that good.

The End Of August Through My Instagram ♡

I haven't done one of these posts in a while and they are definitely one of my favourites to do so I decided since near the end of August I really got back into Instagram why not do a little update post. If you would fancy following me on Instagram (cheeky promo) you can find me here

 1. On Wednesday I turnt 21! I came into the kitchen that morning to be truly spoilt by my family. Even Sheldon got me a card and 12 beautifully vintage inspired decorated cupcakes. How brilliant is my Guinea Pig!?
2. Gabby also known as VelvetGh0st released a line of Homeware items (incase you don't know I'm obsessed with Homeware, find my latest haul here) and I was lucky enough to get some for my Birthday. I am in love with them all and the colours are just beautiful. Gabby liked this post on my Instagram so for about 5 hours after my likes were going crazy!
3. From my brother I got the most gorgeous powder pink bag I have ever laid my eyes on. I have been after a new bag for awhile since my other one has basically fallen apart and oh my goodness I literally cannot with how gorgeous this is! It also matches my Thumper cushion from my bestie and the gold sequined cushion from Gabby's range. #ColourCo-ordinated

Tanya Burr Cosmetics: My First Impressions ♡

Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Palettes

Recently the lovely Tanya Burr relaunched some of her products along with releasing three eyeshadow palettes and a brow palette. My parents kindly bought me some for my birthday and as I haven't seen many posts that included close ups of the products or swatches I thought I'd do a post about them, because personally I really dislike ordering something online without seeing swatches so hopefully this will help! This is a first impression of the products as I've only used each a few times so far so I'm sure I will do a in depth review after a while. This post is photo heavy so just a warning for when you click that read more button!

The Palette That Knocked My Favourite From My Makeup Bag ♡

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes my holy grail go to were always Urban Decay until I started trying Collections palettes and fell in love. I love the fact that they are small, easy to travel with and the shadows are absolutely amazing quality for the price.

When the Little Mix eyeshadow palette…

Happy Birthday To Me ♡

I went to bed last night a twenty year old and woke up this morning a twenty-one year old. I suppose that's how Birthdays work all the time! Although I refuse to believe I'm an adult because my life revolves around Guinea Pigs, Netflix and all things Disney. It's bad enough when someon…

The Last Few Days Of Summer ♡


The end of Summer is appearing quickly and with only a few more days until everyone goes back to normal I just can't help but want to hold on to the good weather a little bit longer! As much as I adore Autumn I know when it's in full swing I'll be complaining that I can't wear tan tights (yes I'm one of those people, ain't nobody got time for tanning) with dresses and short sleeves etc etc. Today's weather however is sunny and warm so I thought I'd go through my wardrobe and dress all Summery before it's all over!

Products I Loved That I Forgot About ♡

Old Products I Loved

While cleaning my room I decided to tidy up my makeup drawers and decided to do so properly meaning I emptied each drawer and went through everything and while doing that I found some products that I used to be obsessed with that I ended up forgetting all about!

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask After getting this for Christmas I was so obsessed with it for months but then I changed my skincare routine and actually forgot all about it. I absolutely loved the idea of being able to sleep in a face mask and it smells divine! I have since moved this onto my locker so when I feel like my skin needs that extra little bit of help I'll start using this again.

Wet n Wild 'The Naked Truth' Even though I love wearing colours on my eyes I do adore a good brown smokey eye look. This palette was my go to palette at the start of 2015 and then I stopped using it a few months ago when the Collection Eyes Uncovered palettes were released. I have moved this to the front so I can see it and hopefully start grabbing it again. The shadows are so lovely (find close up's here) and creamy in this palette and I just adore how Wet n Wild sets out the look for you so you don't even have to think about it when applying the shadows as they tell you where to put them!

Rimmel Apocalips in 'Luna' I remember wearing this without fail for such a long time as I was so in love with the shade. (Find swatches here) With the Apocalips you'll either love them or hate them but I actually really like them because of how long they last, after the shine/gloss disappears it's still stained your lips so it's one of those products you don't need to worry about. I have since moved this into my makeup bag again for when I want a nude lip!

Box Swap With Emmys Beauty Cave ♡

Beauty Blogger Box Swap
Beauty Blogger Box Swap

So back at the start of 2015 I decided to set some Blogging Resolutions for myself (find post here) and then back in early July I did a mid year look back to see what I achieved and what I hadn't yet (find post here). One of the things I wanted to do was a Box Swap with someone as they sounded like so much fun which leads us onto this post!

The lovely Emmy from Emmys Beauty Cave  who is one of my favourite bloggers who's blog I have been reading since I've started got in contact with me saying that she'd love to do one, so we exchanged things such as our skin type and favourite shades of lipsticks and our budget and got shopping! 

On Monday the postman knocked my door and handed me all my little gifts from Emmy and I was so excited it was like Christmas or even an early Birthday gift! As I was too excited to wait I didn't take a proper picture with my camera with everything wrapped but I did snap one for my Instagram! (See picture here) Everything was wrapped so cutely and it just made me even more excited! She even presented it in such a cute little box she basically thought of everything. Now for all the amazing gifts that were inside!

Sunglasses From ♡


In this weather who doesn't love accessorizing with Sunglasses!? I literally have a shelf full of different styles and colours, they're just something I love having a variety of and have different styles.

Anatomicals Sleep Balm and Headache Balm ♡

Anatomicals Balm

Anatomicals is one of those brands that I just want to buy everything from because of the amazing packaging. Literally everything I've bought from their brand before these two products I got because the packaging had a seriously hilarious slogan on it. However I have been wanting to try a headache and sleep balm for awhile now and so I decided to order these two!

Cruisin' For A Snoozin Sleep Balm Obviously when you think of scents to help you sleep and relax Lavender is one of the scents you'll automatically think of and that's exactly what this smells of. It is instructed that you rub this balm into your temples and pulse points when you get into bed to help you drift into sleep. Now I will admit I'm slightly on the defense side when it comes to this product. I have been using it for a few weeks now and while the scent certainly helps you to relax I'm not sure if it makes me fall asleep or if I'm falling asleep myself just from tiredness. However I do really like the scent at night time and it definitely makes you feel relaxed so I will continue using it even if it's just to help me relax.

21st Birthday Wishlist ♡

A very short and simple little post today due to my body deciding to catch a cold and leave me without energy and feeling like rubbish these past few days. Anyhow! I'm turning 21 on the 26th of this month which is quite scary to me because Adult? Responsibilities? No thank you! I think I'l…

Products I'm Giving A Second Chance ♡

Products I'm Giving A Second Chance

I'm being very good lately and haven't splurged on any makeup items for the reason being I'm 21 at the end of this month so I know I'll just splurge on Beauty products then. Recently I've been going through my collection and have wanted to start using things up so I can toss them out and make room for new products. I put a list together of a few products I've decided to give a second chance as when I first tried them I just wasn't blown away.

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Okay firstly one of the reasons I haven't used this is because the colour even though it was in the 'light' set it's still completely too dark for me however I'm going to start tanning again so I can use this and see what I think of it. I do remember though from using it that if you do have any dry patches on your skin that it immediately just sticks to it and becomes patchy so it's one I'd definitely need to exfoliate before applying it. I will keep you updated on how I get on!

NYX Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Daquiri Honestly I have yet to actually wear this and the reason I haven't was the time I did put it on because it's matte it just felt like it dried up my lips a crazy amount. I'm thinking if I apply a light lip balm before this it might not feel as drying. I do like the colour and think it's absolutely stunning I just do wish that the finish wasn't matte.

A Little Homeware Haul ♡

Lantern FairylightsCopper Fairylights
Salted Caramel Candle
Deer Jewellery Dish
Tea Light Holder

Recently I've started to become OBSESSED with Homeware items whether it be to go in my room or somewhere else in the house, you can bet you can find me in the Homeware isle in whatever shop I'm walking into. 

A Lazy Day OOTD ♡


Some days getting dressed is a complete effort and can someone agree with me so I don't feel like the laziest person in the world please!

Well today was one of those days and I decided why not take a quick snap of what I'm wearing because I promised myself I would upload at least one outfit post a week and I'm hoping to stick to that!

Todays weather isn't as sunny as it has been but at the same time it is still quite warm out so I decided to wear this vintage looking vest top that I bought in Primark about 2 years ago. What I absolutely love about it is the back as it's all shredded and I think it just looks really cool. The print on the vest reminds me of an old band tshirt or something as I think it just has that real vintage look to it.

Things That Make My Sundays ♡

Lazy Day

♡ sleeping in

Who doesn't love a good lie in on a Sunday morning, not having to set an alarm and waking up by yourself is one of the best things ever. Who actually likes the sound of their alarm disturbing their sleep!?

♡ Watching the big bang theory

For me my favourite programme is The Big Bang Theory and you can bet when I wake up I'm lying in bed watching back to back episodes of it! It's one of those shows that can make me laugh no matter what!

♡ Cuddles With Sheldon

When Sheldon decides to wake up (he also likes to sleep in!) I'll take him out of his cage so he can lie on me while I watch tv. Eventually he'll get enough of lying down and will just have a little wander around my bed until he decides to lie down again.

Jewellery From findyourzen ♡

Midi Rings Gold ChainGold Rings
Long Gold Circle and Bar Necklace

When it comes to Jewellery I have very specific taste. It either has to be Gold or Rose Gold and it has to be very simple/dainty. When I was younger I used to adore statement pieces and wouldn't care what colour the pieces were but I've totally gone off all them kind of things and personally much rather things like what's pictured above.

These two items pictured above are the type of pieces that are right down my street and I have been loving them since I got my hands on them.

The 4 Simple Gold Midi Rings*  are the perfect little accessory to wear to complement my Fossil watch. I adore the look they give especially when I wear them with my nails painted white because I just adore the colour contrast. I also adore that with the likes of these simple rings you can wear them anyway you want either by stacking them or simply just wearing one on every finger. For this set of 4 rings it will only set you back £2.50 which is such a great little price tag.

What I Got For My Best Friends 21st Ft. ♡

Personalised Wrapping PaperPersonalised Wrapping Paper
So it was my Best Friends 21st Birthday on the 14th of July and so just like last year I thought I'd share what gifts I had bought for her! This year however I got the most amazing roll of wrapping paper* from This amazing masterpiece consists of 30 different photos of us throughout the 5 years we've been friends and I was so blown away by the quality of this and how well it was printed!

The paper was glossy but at the same time matte so that it wouldn't show finger prints and I refused to wrap all her presents with it as I wanted to keep some of it for myself to hang up on my wall because it's just that fab. You can pick from 1 - 30 photos for your wrapping paper and can choose the photos from your social media sites or your computer. I was even told by my best friend to put as little sellotape on it as possible so she can keep it! 
You can find out more about the different sizes and prices on their website here.
Something I'd totally recommend for anyone especially big occasions!

Now onto the gifts that are to be wrapped in this fabulous paper!
Please note how extremely hard it was to take a photo of everything together

Travel Sized Mini Must Haves ♡

Travel Sized Products

I don't know what it is about products in travel sized form that makes me excited and want to buy them all but it happens! Although I'm not going on Holidays anywhere this year I do often travel to visit my Best Friend and so I used that as an excuse for allowing myself to pick some of these up!

However travel sized products are GREAT for when you are going away abroad or even for a weekend as it allows you to fit more junk in your bag that lets be honest you don't need but you tell yourself that you just might!..Yes we all do the same. I also love travel sized products for trying out different products as you get a good amount of product to try out to decide whether you like it or not.

Starting with Face products. When I'm travelling my skincare routine changes up a lot as I don't want to be carrying around full sized bottles and tubes of things so I'll simply bring products that will cover everything!

July Favourites ♡

My Monthly Favourites
It's finally the end of July which mean it's officially August which means it's my Birthday month *party popper*
Strangely enough it's a bit of a mix of items I've been loving during July and not many of them were beauty related!

Bambi iPhone Case I am beyond in love with my new phone cover consisting of little printed Bambi's all over it! I also adore that it's a slim fit case meaning my iPhone stays as slim as it should be and doesn't add any bulk. It's also see through so that I can still see the Gold back of my phone. I just absolutely adore it and it only cost about €6 on eBay! 

MiTi Bobbins Ever since trying these I have not used a regular bobbin! In fact I've thrown away all my normal bobbins and just use these now. They are so much more gentle on my hair and best of all leave no dents in your hair after wearing it up for the day. I done a whole post about them if you'd like to read more of my thoughts on them! Find it here.