My Monthly Favourites
It's finally the end of July which mean it's officially August which means it's my Birthday month *party popper*
Strangely enough it's a bit of a mix of items I've been loving during July and not many of them were beauty related!

Bambi iPhone Case I am beyond in love with my new phone cover consisting of little printed Bambi's all over it! I also adore that it's a slim fit case meaning my iPhone stays as slim as it should be and doesn't add any bulk. It's also see through so that I can still see the Gold back of my phone. I just absolutely adore it and it only cost about €6 on eBay! 

MiTi Bobbins Ever since trying these I have not used a regular bobbin! In fact I've thrown away all my normal bobbins and just use these now. They are so much more gentle on my hair and best of all leave no dents in your hair after wearing it up for the day. I done a whole post about them if you'd like to read more of my thoughts on them! Find it here.
Rimmel Fix Perfect Primer I've stared to try out new Primers just to change things up really and to see if there are any ones out there better than Benefits Porefessional. I've actually been really loving this lately it definitely helps my makeup last and gives you a nice smooth base to work with. It's an affordable primer and it's something I'd now always fall back on when I run out of my Holy Grail primers.

Bioderma Micellar Water Oh this little gem! Costing the same price as the large Garnier Micellar water this is still amazing. I've asked for the big bottle for my birthday as it is €16 and I think I'd rather someone else treat me to it than myself spending that money. However I could see myself purchasing it as it really is great and I understand the fuss!

Primark Salted Caramel Candle Anybody else obsessed with Salted Caramel? Trust me you need this in your life and it's only €3 It has 25 hours of burn time and oh my goodness I am so in love with the scent and have it lighting in my room constantly. I think I'm going to have to pick up a few more before they stop supplying them because I am just so in love.

Shapers Strawberry Nougat Bar Has anybody tried these? I decided to pick one up in Boots one day after work as I was going to look around town. Run to your local Boots store right now and pick up 10 of these! Its a Strawberry nougat covered in chocolate and it's just so yummy! It's also only 85 calories if you like to count your intake! Seriously the most yummy bar I've ever tried and I just want to buy a box of them now. (Now that this photo was taken I can now eat the bar Yumm!)

Buying DVDS I've recently started picking myself up some new DVDs that I don't already have and I have been loving finding some movies I forgot about in shops. I've recently picked up Sex and the City, Just My Luck & Paranormal Activity. Anybody else get obsessed with buying new dvds?

Finally I've been loving Blogging! Sometimes I find I don't fall out of love with it but I sometimes get myself stressed over it if I don't have things scheduled etc. however this month I decided to just breathe and enjoy it! 

What did you enjoy during July?