Personalised Wrapping PaperPersonalised Wrapping Paper
So it was my Best Friends 21st Birthday on the 14th of July and so just like last year I thought I'd share what gifts I had bought for her! This year however I got the most amazing roll of wrapping paper* from This amazing masterpiece consists of 30 different photos of us throughout the 5 years we've been friends and I was so blown away by the quality of this and how well it was printed!

The paper was glossy but at the same time matte so that it wouldn't show finger prints and I refused to wrap all her presents with it as I wanted to keep some of it for myself to hang up on my wall because it's just that fab. You can pick from 1 - 30 photos for your wrapping paper and can choose the photos from your social media sites or your computer. I was even told by my best friend to put as little sellotape on it as possible so she can keep it! 
You can find out more about the different sizes and prices on their website here.
Something I'd totally recommend for anyone especially big occasions!

Now onto the gifts that are to be wrapped in this fabulous paper!
Please note how extremely hard it was to take a photo of everything together

Birthday Gifts
Birthday Gifts
Birthday Gifts
Birthday Gifts
So I'm not sure why but we always seem to have a theme for our gifts, again I'm not sure why and if anything it just makes it super stressful trying to get things to fit into a theme after you finally think of one. However this year I done a small theme and then just bought some random gifts because I honestly couldn't think of a second theme.

The theme I went with this year was Movie Night In and so the presents on the right side were all for that! I bought a large Popcorn container for everything to sit in and inside was
- A tin of Sweet Shop Sweets
- Reeses Cups, Reeses Pieces & Joly Rancher Chews
- Maltesers Hot Chocolate
- Transformers, Ghostbusters, Forgetting Sarah Marshal & Marley & Me DVD's
- A packet of tissues that say 'Emergency Weepy Movie Tissues' (I loled)
- A Ginger Spice Candle
- A Facemask
- Olaf Fairylights
- Pyjama shirt dress

Birthday Cinema Ticket DIYMovie Clapper

Movie Night Birthday Gift Idea
this is just a quick snap of what the themed gift looked like all together

As everything is wrapped I needed to make the theme stand out more so that she'd know what it was before opening the gifts so I also got a Hollywood Movie Clapper Board and just slotted it in the back so that the theme would be a bit more obvious and I also made a giant cinema ticket with clues of what the gifts were!

Onto the rest of the presents that weren't included in a theme were
- A 'Hello' wire sign
- A H! by Henry Holland Milk Carton style Bag
- A River Island tee that says '50% Unicorn 32% Mermaid 18% Princess'
- Cotton Pads and a mini Garnier Micellar Water
- Botanics Radiance Balm
- Primark Sultry Lashes
- A best friend chain that says ' Best Fxcking Bitches' (more of a joke gift)
- Mac Lipstick in 'Media'
-Nars Limited Edition Lost Coast Eyeshadow Duo

Obviously I don't want to put prices on things as well they were gifts so...but hope you enjoyed having a nosey! :)

Do you do themed gifts or do you just buy randomly?