Happy Birthday To Me ♡

Birthday Card

I went to bed last night a twenty year old and woke up this morning a twenty-one year old. I suppose that's how Birthdays work all the time! Although I refuse to believe I'm an adult because my life revolves around Guinea Pigs, Netflix and all things Disney. It's bad enough when someone asks me my age I have to stop and think for a moment which makes it look like I'm lying. Imagine me now telling someone I'm 21, they'll laugh and continue to think I'm 16! #NotLookingYourAgeProblems

I'm not one to celebrate Birthdays, nor have I ever been so today I am off shopping until I break my bank account. A Starbucks is also in order and maybe a cheeky Chinese for dinner later! I've opened all of my lovely gifts and I have truly been spoilt with all of my surprises. Of course I will show you all very soon because who doesn't love having a nosey at them sort of posts.

I'm now off to decide what to wear and put on my makeup!

Here's to being 21!


  1. Happy birthday! I know how you feel, I'm 20 in a month and I love Disney far too much to not be a teenager anymore.
    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // xo

  2. Ah! Hope you have an amazing birthday! I can definitely relate with the hash tag haha I'm 22 and people still think I'm 16 haha. Can't wait to read the post on what you got. Happy Birthday! xx



  3. Happy Birthday Jordan :) I hope you have a lovely day! Xx


  4. Happy birthday!! 21 is so special, i think! I hope you'll have/had a lovely day! This plan sonds just perfect to me!



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