Midi Rings Gold ChainGold Rings
Long Gold Circle and Bar Necklace

When it comes to Jewellery I have very specific taste. It either has to be Gold or Rose Gold and it has to be very simple/dainty. When I was younger I used to adore statement pieces and wouldn't care what colour the pieces were but I've totally gone off all them kind of things and personally much rather things like what's pictured above.

These two items pictured above are the type of pieces that are right down my street and I have been loving them since I got my hands on them.

The 4 Simple Gold Midi Rings*  are the perfect little accessory to wear to complement my Fossil watch. I adore the look they give especially when I wear them with my nails painted white because I just adore the colour contrast. I also adore that with the likes of these simple rings you can wear them anyway you want either by stacking them or simply just wearing one on every finger. For this set of 4 rings it will only set you back £2.50 which is such a great little price tag.

My favourite out of the two is definitely the Gold Circle and Bar Necklace* I instantly fell in love with this as soon as I seen it on their website. Instead of having a clasp like every other necklace to close this chain you simply loop the bar through the circle charm and voila! I absolutely adore the look of this necklace and you can have the circle charm up as high to your neck or as low down as you'd like. I have gotten so many complements while wearing this as even though it's not over the top it's still quite a statement piece and I am just obsessed with it! This beauty will set you back only £3.00 so basically a cup of coffee!

You can find these items as well as some other gorgeous pieces over on FindYourZen's website here. They also upload lots of photos to Instagram and who isn't obsessed with Instagram! You can follow them here.

What's your go to type of Jewellery?