Products I'm Giving A Second Chance

I'm being very good lately and haven't splurged on any makeup items for the reason being I'm 21 at the end of this month so I know I'll just splurge on Beauty products then. Recently I've been going through my collection and have wanted to start using things up so I can toss them out and make room for new products. I put a list together of a few products I've decided to give a second chance as when I first tried them I just wasn't blown away.

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Okay firstly one of the reasons I haven't used this is because the colour even though it was in the 'light' set it's still completely too dark for me however I'm going to start tanning again so I can use this and see what I think of it. I do remember though from using it that if you do have any dry patches on your skin that it immediately just sticks to it and becomes patchy so it's one I'd definitely need to exfoliate before applying it. I will keep you updated on how I get on!

NYX Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Daquiri Honestly I have yet to actually wear this and the reason I haven't was the time I did put it on because it's matte it just felt like it dried up my lips a crazy amount. I'm thinking if I apply a light lip balm before this it might not feel as drying. I do like the colour and think it's absolutely stunning I just do wish that the finish wasn't matte.

The Body Shop Strawberry Lipbalm Lipbalm is something I don't really use however I'm trying to get into the habit of applying this before going to sleep. It smells absolutely amazing and there is actually a nice tint to it and I could wear it if I wanted a very light makeup look.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara I really did not get along with this mascara I found it just very lumpy and flakey. I'm not sure if it's the way it's supposed to be or maybe I just got a faulty one but I want to work through my mascara collection so I'm going to give this another try and just use it up or toss it.

Benefit Boi~ing Concealer Another thing I wasn't too impressed with when I first tried them. Definitely a higher coverage concealer but I just find it very dry but it may be just because of the packaging it is in. Again like the foundation the colours are way too dark for me so once I start fake tanning again I will try both these colours out again.

I really want to start working through what i have before opening new products and I'm thinking of maybe doing a project pan to start getting through everything. I just find once I add new products all the old ones get pushed to the back and I may have only used them once and well after buying them I want to use them!

Have you ever done a project pan?