I haven't done one of these posts in a while and they are definitely one of my favourites to do so I decided since near the end of August I really got back into Instagram why not do a little update post. If you would fancy following me on Instagram (cheeky promo) you can find me here

 1. On Wednesday I turnt 21! I came into the kitchen that morning to be truly spoilt by my family. Even Sheldon got me a card and 12 beautifully vintage inspired decorated cupcakes. How brilliant is my Guinea Pig!?
2. Gabby also known as VelvetGh0st released a line of Homeware items (incase you don't know I'm obsessed with Homeware, find my latest haul here) and I was lucky enough to get some for my Birthday. I am in love with them all and the colours are just beautiful. Gabby liked this post on my Instagram so for about 5 hours after my likes were going crazy!
3. From my brother I got the most gorgeous powder pink bag I have ever laid my eyes on. I have been after a new bag for awhile since my other one has basically fallen apart and oh my goodness I literally cannot with how gorgeous this is! It also matches my Thumper cushion from my bestie and the gold sequined cushion from Gabby's range. #ColourCo-ordinated

 4. Probably the only selfie I took on my actual birthday was drinking a starbucks while painting my nails matte white. The cup also says 'Happy 21st Jor'. I had taken photos with my family but for obvious reasons the only social media them pictures made it to was Facebook. 
5. Since receiving such beautiful cupcakes it took myself 8 hours of convincing to say that it was okay to eat them even though they are way too pretty to be eaten! This one was a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting (that tastes like ice-cream) and of course I had a cup of tea in my new mug!
6. I also got the Tanya Burr palettes as part of my birthday gift and I am in love with them (first impressions here) Tanya liked this photo and so my Instagram is still going crazy with notifications 3 days later. But just look at how well they photograph as they are so pretty.

7. It's definitely so exciting getting to do your makeup with new products. I'm in love with all the new ones I got and I definitely have enough to do me for the rest of my life. I think I'm going to have to ban myself from buying makeup for awhile until I work through some of my collection. 
8. I am so in love with these two cushions and I just think they go together so well, did I mention I love them?! The gold sequenced one is from Gabby's range while the Thumper one was a birthday gift from my best friend and I just cannot stop staring at it! 
9. Perfect brows, fluttery lashes and a berry lip, really who doesn't love that kind of makeup day!

10. If you don't know already I adore all things Disney and I have quite a little obsession when it comes to Bambi and Thumper so I was having a really good day when my socks and cushion consisted of the characters I'm obsessed with! Like just look at how cute.
11. I finally got the Miley Cyrus Mac Viva Glam and honestly this is the absolute most gorgeous lipgloss I have ever owned in my life, I could literally stare at it for hours it's just so super pretty. The pigmentation is also amazing.
12. Can you see my obsession again?! My best friend bought me the Bambi pop vinyl figurine and it's so super adorable that I definitely want to get my hands on the Thumper and Flower one too!

Are you addicted to Instagram?