Lazy Day

♡ sleeping in

Who doesn't love a good lie in on a Sunday morning, not having to set an alarm and waking up by yourself is one of the best things ever. Who actually likes the sound of their alarm disturbing their sleep!?

♡ Watching the big bang theory

For me my favourite programme is The Big Bang Theory and you can bet when I wake up I'm lying in bed watching back to back episodes of it! It's one of those shows that can make me laugh no matter what!

♡ Cuddles With Sheldon

When Sheldon decides to wake up (he also likes to sleep in!) I'll take him out of his cage so he can lie on me while I watch tv. Eventually he'll get enough of lying down and will just have a little wander around my bed until he decides to lie down again.

♡ breakfast

Sunday breakfast will normally consist of either porridge or a fry, depending on what is being made. Also I don't know why but when it's Sunday I normally don't have breakfast till 12 so it's Brunch really. Plus I had to mention breakfast because who doesn't love food.

♡ Extended Skin Routine

As the start of a new week approaches I like to really treat my skin on a Sunday so that I feel refreshed and my skin is ready for a week of makeup! I will normally do my full skincare routine (find here) along with using a few different face masks to really treat it! 

♡ Baking

A recently new one for me as I've started baking! So far it's only been Cookies but they are the best damn cookies I've ever tasted and I have so much fun making them. There's just something really pleasing when you take them out of the oven to see how they turned out.

♡ Social Media

It doesn't really matter what day of the week it is I will always be on social media. But I do love Sundays for twitter chats especially. It's also the day I sit down to schedule my posts and tweets for the next week. 

What makes your Sundays?