The end of Summer is appearing quickly and with only a few more days until everyone goes back to normal I just can't help but want to hold on to the good weather a little bit longer! As much as I adore Autumn I know when it's in full swing I'll be complaining that I can't wear tan tights (yes I'm one of those people, ain't nobody got time for tanning) with dresses and short sleeves etc etc. Today's weather however is sunny and warm so I thought I'd go through my wardrobe and dress all Summery before it's all over!

I found this little summer dress that I bought a few years ago and decided to try it on and see what I thought of it.
I think this is such a cute little dress and I have no idea why I haven't worn it till now. The top part of the dress is that stretchy material so that it clings to you while the bottom is much more floaty and light and I just adore the frill detailing of the skirt. Theres also a little brown belt attached to break up the print, I also think it just makes it super girly looking.

On top of the dress I wore this lace kimono that I also bought in a local boutique a few years back which I absolutely love because it just reminds me of the festival style you see on Tumblr and Pinterest etc. 

I kept it simple with jewellery as always with just my Fossil watch and a gold necklace*. I kept my hair down and straight just tying half of it up because it is so warm.

For shoes I just wore my black boots (pictured here) which I have been really loving lately and that's pretty much it! 

Are you making the most of your last few Summer days?