A Lazy Day OOTD ♡


Some days getting dressed is a complete effort and can someone agree with me so I don't feel like the laziest person in the world please!

Well today was one of those days and I decided why not take a quick snap of what I'm wearing because I promised myself I would upload at least one outfit post a week and I'm hoping to stick to that!

Todays weather isn't as sunny as it has been but at the same time it is still quite warm out so I decided to wear this vintage looking vest top that I bought in Primark about 2 years ago. What I absolutely love about it is the back as it's all shredded and I think it just looks really cool. The print on the vest reminds me of an old band tshirt or something as I think it just has that real vintage look to it.

I then paired it with a pair of ripped knee black skinny jeans which I've just gotten recently from Primark and they were only €9! Like nine euro for a pair of jeans! I have been looking for this exact style of jeans for so long and couldn't find them anywhere so I was delighted when I found these and for such an affordable price at that. Like I said I've only recently picked these up so they are more than likely still in stock.

I didn't bother with Jewellery except just my Fossil watch and I left my hair down straight and just spritz some salt spray in it to give it a bit more texture. I simply wore a pair of converse on my feet for comfort and now I'm off out about my day!

What do you like to wear on a lazy kind of day?


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