Brush Cleaning Sunday ♥

Is it just me or does anybody else absolutely despise washing their makeup brushes, it just feels like such a chore to me and I really don't enjoy it. Honestly I probably don't wash these as much as I should but I have started using an antibacterial brush spray from makeup revolution after everytime I use them now so they are somewhat clean. 

Makeup Revolution Wishlist ♥

Medium Brow Tint | Lipstick in Cheer | Felony | Immoral | Eyeliner in The Last Laugh | Eye Primer | Makeup Fix Spray | Light Concealer Palette 
I recently got some Makeup Revolution products for my birthday (find post here) and I've fallen in love with the brand! They are also releasing new prod…

August Favourites ♥

Todays Outfit & Makeup ♥

Todays weather is a bit strange, one minute the sun is splitting the stones and it's lovely and warm then next minute it's bucketing down and absolutely freezing. So it's hard to figure out what to wear in this kind of weather. Finally after deciding what to wear I decided why not do an outfit and makeup of the day post, so enjoy! 


What I Got For My Birthday ♥

So I don't know about you but I adore having a nosy at what people got for their birthdays, it's probably one of my favourite kind of posts to read. So I decided to snap some pictures of all my wonderful gifts I received and hope you enjoy having a peek! 

Birthday OOTD & FOTD ♥

Its my 20th Birthday!
(wow that sounds strange to say)

So heres a quick post before I go shopping to show you what I'm wearing and my make-up 

Goodbye Teenage Years ♥

As it's nearing midnight I currently have 30 minutes of being a teenager left so I've compiled a few random photos together from over the past 7 years that made me smile (well the ones that were acceptable to put on the internet) Talk to yous when I'm 20! :)

Cocoa Butter Natural Bronzer ♥

Im not one for tanning, I dont like the whole mess, smell and effort to be honest and it's probably because 98% of the reason is I'm way too lazy. I've also never tried it due to the fear of it looking orange or going streaky etc. However last year due to the amazing summer Ireland had I got a sun tan and loved it. This year however I got none and decided one day why not give this a try. 

Whats on my iPhone ♥

I've read a few of these posts and enjoyed them and decided to do one myself.

I've had my iphone 5 now for probably over 2 years now. I love iPhones and have previously owned the first one and the iPhone 4 that I received as gifts. When the iPhone 5 came out I was able to afford to buy it myself so hooray for first iPhone purchase.

Ikea Wishlist ♥

We're taking a trip to Ikea over the weekend so I decided to put a small wishlist together of the few little things I want to pick up!
           | block candle holder | plant pot| plant pot |
3 floral candlespen holders  | candle dish |
5 transparent boxes | box with compartments |

Collection Eyebrow Kit ♥

I dont know about you but I love a dark brow. I was coming to the end of the darkest colour in my Gosh brow kit and didn't know what one to try next. As much as I loved the Gosh one I found it still wasn't as dark as it could have been, so while in boots I came across this little gem and for €3.99 I just had to grab it.

Real Techniques Purchase ♥

So awhile ago I decided to order some more Real Technique brushes as they are my absolute favourite and today they finally arrived. 

Sleek Face Form and Bronze Block Review ♥

So I've finally gotten round to be able to do a review on these two products, after using them for quite some time now it's safe to say I am in love! 
I picked up these the last time I was up in Belfast visiting my best friend because sadly Sleek is nowhere in stores where I live.

Liebster Award 2.0 ♥

So I was nominated again for the Liebster award by the lovely Emma Louise and Fatiha so thank you so much girls! ♥

Bare Minerals ♥

So before I started using liquid foundations I used mineral foundations and I adored them so while going through my makeup drawers awhile back I rediscovered my love for mineral products.


So while getting ready today I decided why not take a quick snap of my eye makeup (which I can now say is very hard to get a proper picture of) I didn't go to intense because I used pinks and purples so I blended them out a lot so that it was subtle but still noticeable. 

eBay Wishlist ♥

lipsticks || necklace || brush holder || snow white brushes || brush cleaning glove

Drug Store Favourites ♥

When it comes to makeup (and it even took me awhile to learn this) you don't have to spend big money on items for them to be 'good' as lets be honest there's going to be a 50/50 chance of it being good or not and mostly you just pay for the name! So here's some of my favourite drug store products that I constantly re-purchase.

Mother Of Pink ♥

So everyone has a favourite colour to wear on their lips and mine is Pink! How original I know 
However I thought I would share the pink lipsticks I've been loving!

Whats In My Make-up Bag ♥

So I love reading these kind of posts so I decided to show what's currently in my makeup bag before emptying it back into my vanity drawers.

I picked up this large make up bag in Primark about 2 years ago, it's great as its so large so it'll hold eyeshadow palettes inside instead of having to carry them separate.

Make up Bag from Primark €5.00

3 Recent Beauty Buys ♥

So I went into town to get 3 things and that was all I allowed myself to buy as I'm saving for a birthday shopping spree at the end of this month. Yes there was other things I would have liked to pick up so I'm surprised I only got what I went down for, however my list was 
- Eyelashes
- FaceMasks
- Moisturiser

Primark Lashes €1.50 - €2.00

4 Products I Couldn't Live Without ♥

So there's always certain beauty products I'll always use or forever have in my makeup bag, so heres my top 4!

Avon Colour Trend Lipstick in Lucky Kiss
I adore this lipstick and got it a while back before Avon finished in Ireland. Its so pigmented and just the perfect purple shade. This is definitely my go to lipstick I wear it so much and it's quickly running out. I'm trying to find a lipstick a similar colour somewhere but cannot get my hands on one so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

Meet Sheldon ♥

Today is a different post as it's not beauty related, so if these posts aren't exactly your thing I dont mind you skipping it.

However for you people who have continued to read on meet Sheldon my long haired Guinea Pig.

Sheldon today (22 weeks old)
I went to the petstore one day back in late march and fell in love with this lil fellow and did nothing but begged my parents to be allowed have him. After one really bad day in college (April 1st to be exact) I came home and walked into the sitting room and there was the cage with all the supplies and this little guy chilling in it, although he was a lot smaller back then. I was over the moon when I seen my parents had bought him for me.

Zoeva Brushes ♥

So after sitting behind my front door for a week staring at the post box they finally arrived.

 Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set €65.00

I am so excited about finally having these in my possession. They're so clean looking I don't want to use them and wreck them but at the same time I want to put on a full face of make up with them!

Whats In My Bag ♥

I dont know about yous but these kind of posts I absolutely love reading because I'm nosey and like to see what people carry around with them. So as I was about to empty my bag I decided to do this post, I hadn't emptied it in a good while so I didn't even know what was in it when I was going through it. But anyways enjoy!

My bag is from a small boutique I used to work in. I have so many bags but no matter what I always go back to this one I just adore it and it has so much room. However I do feel like it's starting to fall apart but sadly I cannot find one like it anywhere!

My Most Used Make up Brushes ♥

It's only Monday and all thats on my mind is new make up brushes new make up brushes! Between watching the postman and tracking my parcels I will more than likely drive myself to insanity by the middle of the week.

So while desperately waiting for my new brushes to arrive I decided to do a post of my current most used brushes! 

Face of the day & Thank You ♥

Today I went to the cinema with my family and decided to take a quick snap of the make up products I wore today.

The Liebster Award ♥

Recently I've been nominated for The Liebster Award by the lovely Rachel and Fatiha. Big thank you for the nomination girlies! 

It's A Love Fest! ♥

Benefit are definitely one of my favorite make up brands, so I couldn't help but purchase this little set when I first saw it.
I purchased this set from Debenhams for €55 which was such a good price considering the products it contains.