I dont know about you but I love a dark brow. I was coming to the end of the darkest colour in my Gosh brow kit and didn't know what one to try next. As much as I loved the Gosh one I found it still wasn't as dark as it could have been, so while in boots I came across this little gem and for €3.99 I just had to grab it.

What really caught my eye about it was how dark the brown was, it's almost black so its as dark as I wanted. It comes with three colours dark brown, medium brown and blonde. Along with the colours it includes a brush (which I don't actually use) and a brow mascara. 

Now the brow mascara I'm not really sure how I feel about it, I use it now and again if I don't want my brows dramatic otherwise I just don't use it (I find that when you use it, it removes some of the product from your brow).

However for €3.99 this is better than I expected it to be, the colour is absolutely perfect and the product is very long wearing (even without the brow mascara). So if you're looking to try a new brow kit I recommend giving this a try!

Have you used this product before?