Im not one for tanning, I dont like the whole mess, smell and effort to be honest and it's probably because 98% of the reason is I'm way too lazy. I've also never tried it due to the fear of it looking orange or going streaky etc. However last year due to the amazing summer Ireland had I got a sun tan and loved it. This year however I got none and decided one day why not give this a try. 

I'm not going to lie I really don't like the smell of Cocoa Butter so this was no exception, it has the usual cocoa butter scent but find after you've left it on for awhile it starts to smell like biscuits. This is a moisturiser that has a natural bronzer in it so you just apply it all over and let it work and the next morning bam tan. The first few times I tried this omg was I streaky but I didn't give up I kept applying it to even it out and eventually got the hang of it. I love how tanned you can get with this, the more you build it up the tanner you get.

The product is white so to be honest you can't really see if you've missed a spot so you just have to make sure you douse yourself in it. Trust me I've learned from this! Coming to the end of Summer now I'll probably stop using this to be honest and just enjoy having snow white skin because it does get everywhere.

If you use fake tanner what product do you use?