Zoeva Brushes ♥

So after sitting behind my front door for a week staring at the post box they finally arrived.

 Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set €65.00

I am so excited about finally having these in my possession. They're so clean looking I don't want to use them and wreck them but at the same time I want to put on a full face of make up with them!

The brushes were packed so well and had these little notes on top of the packaging. One tells you who packed your brushes and who checked they were all perfect quality, while the other tells you what they do.

The pouch for the brushes is absolutely gorgeous. Its a real rich brown colour with rose gold detailing. The brushes this set includes are:

110/Face Shape & 127/ Luxe Sheer Cheek

102/ Silk Finish & 106/ Powder

227/ Luxe Soft Definer & 142/ Concealer Buffer

231/ Luxe Petit Crease & 317/ Wing Liner

 They also come with a large material pouch which I had no idea about which I guess is handy, for what I have no idea but I shall find a use for it!

It's safe to say that I have fallen in love with these brushes and I have yet to use them!  

Have you used the Zoeva brushes?


  1. I NEED these brushes in my life. They are gorgeous.



  2. These are fabulous! I love anything rose gold!

    X's- Cassie

    1. Exact same as me! Kind of half the reason I bought these ones :') x

  3. Oh I need these! I'm a sucker for rose gold :)

    1. Same, as soon as I seen them I was like ok no need to look at others :') x

  4. They look too good to use haha! I need some for myself!

    1. Ikr! They're just so pretty to look at putting makeup on them is something I really dont want to do but at the same time do so I can use them :') x


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