So I went into town to get 3 things and that was all I allowed myself to buy as I'm saving for a birthday shopping spree at the end of this month. Yes there was other things I would have liked to pick up so I'm surprised I only got what I went down for, however my list was 
- Eyelashes
- FaceMasks
- Moisturiser

Primark Lashes €1.50 - €2.00

I don't spend a lot of money on lashes anymore as I adore the Primark ones, theres a big variety and I've had no problems with them. I picked up the Sultry ones which are a natural looking set and Double Trouble which is basically long lashes on the bottom layer and then shorter ones on top so there are a lot more glam looking. 

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks (on special) €.99c

Don't you just adore when face masks are on special because I really do! Boots are doing a special at the moment where they are only 99cents each. So I had to pick up 1 of each that they had. 5 face masks for a fiver, absolute bargain!

Botanics Hydrating Day Cream

I'm not sure if the Botanics range is only recently new or out a while however its the first time I've seen the range in store so I decided to give the day cream a try. The cream is very runny however a little does go a long way. I am excited to try this as its supposedly made with plant extracts and all them good things.

Have you bought any beauty products recently?